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Maya and Anna become fascinated by the mature girls in their class who smoke. They are faced with the age old question: stay home and play pretend or go out and do drugs?


This episode was a little more foreign to me, in terms of my experiences in 7th grade, but I did hear enough stories about these certain situations, that I can somewhat relate. It’s all about growing up and figuring out whether or not you want to hang out with the popular kids, and get into the shenanigans that they get into; like drinking, drugs and making out.

Before all this happens, we see that Maya and Anna like to still play with dolls, and like to create fantasy worlds, where these dolls are living in real situations. I’m pretty sure by this time, I wasn’t playing with dolls, but I do remember reenacting situations with one friend in particular, where we would act things out with Barbie’s and at one point, we created a movie. Those were the days… But they quickly learn that maybe they should act more maturely, and act like the popular girls. While eating their lunches in the bathroom one day, a bunch of girls come in and try to start smoking. They drop their cigarette, and get interrupted by a janitor. Maya and Anna take the cigarette, and save it for later. Later that night, they hang out together, and do normal stuff kids did at that age, like prank call friends. That I never did much, because I didn’t want to get into trouble, but I was fine with watching other people do it. They soon remember that they have the cigarette, and decide to buy a lighter. FASHION FLASHBACK!- They decide to dress more emo, circa Avril Lavigne, and even though I didn’t dress emo back then, I still had some things they wore, like those fake tattoo necklaces, which have become popular again, and they went heavy on the eyeliner. And what made this whole outing funny, was that they were nervous the whole time, while buying their lighter. They didn’t want to get caught, and I could definitely relate to that. It brought me back to those days, when you and your friends decided to be a little rebellious, but still felt scared to do anything out of the ordinary, because you didn’t want to seem suspicious. Even though I’m sure a 7th grader wouldn’t get in trouble for buying a lighter, it was still funny to see Maya and Anna freak out.

And now comes Maya and Anna’s ultimate rebellion. While walking home, they pass Miranda’s house, who is one of the popular girls, and they accidentally get caught trespassing. They decide to play it cool, and hang out with her and her friends and get into some awkward situations. These next situations are things I somehow bypassed in my youth, and I’m actually kind of grateful for it. I did hear some horror stories though, that went around school about people getting out of hand. At Miranda’s hang out, Maya and Anna watch as Miranda and her friends start smoking, but things get real, when they take out a can of beer. Maya and Anna start panicking, because they don’t know what to do, and Anna decides to go to the bathroom. When she comes back, Maya is drinking beer, and that instantly makes Anna mad. She caves to the peer pressure, and drinks too, but then things start getting a little more crazy. Miranda asks if they’ve ever inhaled computer cleaner. And by the way, is that a thing now? And Maya decides to go for it. She passes out and realizes that no one else decided to join her.

Phase 2 commences. Boys are coming over and being in that situation when I was their age, I was nervous about boys coming over any one of my friend’s houses. It was like red flags all over my brain, saying “mayday, the opposite sex is coming over! Mayday!” But usually, the guys ended up being chill. I was still nervous because I was never great with talking to guys, so I always felt awkward around them, but I tried my best to seem cool. But back to Maya and Anna’s situation; the boys come over to make-out with the girls, and sadly, Maya and Anna are picked last. It was nice to see how both girls handled the situation separately, since they do everything together, and they both handled it in different ways. Anna cried in front of her guy because she had an inkling that Maya didn’t care about her anymore, because she didn’t drink her first beer with her, and Maya went the complete opposite direction, and acted like a crazy person in front of her guy. At the end, Miranda’s mom comes home to find a can of beer, and blames it on Maya. And the girls get into an argument about how their relationship may have shifted. They realize that it was a misunderstanding, and they still have their cigarette to enjoy together. Like I said earlier, I thankfully didn’t have to deal with that much peer pressure from people during my time in 7th grade, and I’m glad that Maya and Anna didn’t make too many bad choices, while they were at Miranda’s house. They both have each other’s backs and if they’re going to make bad decisions, they’re at least going to do them together.