So last week while everyone was focused on the finale of Game of Thrones, HBO almost quietly dropped the first trailer for Westworld season 3.

Remarkably, the trailer is very low key and were it not for the name brand you wouldn’t know that it was actually a Westworld product until the very end.

The trailer focuses on newcomer Aaron Paul, whose character has yet to be named. The tease does, admittedly, give little away of his character but it does offer a gentle introduction to the new futuristic world outside of the park that Westworld season 3 will most likely revolve around.

From what we can tell Paul’s character is a construction worker by day and a criminal by night. He seems to be dissatisfied with his current situation as things were apparently promised to him but were never fulfilled. Perhaps Delos has some type of presence in the outside world where hosts were offered to help humans? We do see him in a hospital type setting caring for someone ill. Perhaps, he’s also going through some type of loss?

At the end of the trailer he asks “…if I’m going to get on with my life, I’m going to have to find something or someone, real.” He then stumbles upon Dolores in an alleyway who looks hurt and ragged.

HBO has been careful to reveal little about the story for Westworld season 3,  only going so far as to note that it will be “a dark odyssey about the dawn of artificial consciousness and the birth of a new form of life on Earth.” The trailer also gave us our first glimpse at fellow newcomers Lena Waithe (Master of None) and Vincent Cassel (Black Swan) who will be joining Paul in this new season.

What we do know, and even then its quite vague, is from an interview last year by The Hollywood Reporter where show runner Lisa Joy said that Dolores will have a larger set of goals now that she’s in the real world. We have no idea what those goals are but we at the very least know that she’s not the biggest fan of humans. In the trailer we see someone who looks like Dolores shooting someone point blank. So it might be fair to say that she’s out for blood. We didn’t see Bernard in this trailer but he’s in the real world now and still believes in humanity so maybe Paul’s character might run into him as well causing him to choose sides.

An interesting teaser for sure.

HBO has confirmed that season 3 will debut in 2020 yet we don’t have an exact date so keep it locked on TGON for all your Westworld updates.