Star Wars Celebration in Chicago just ended and with it came our very first look at Star Wars Episode IX. There have been hundreds of fan theories on YouTube, Reddit, and basically every social media site in existence. Fans are going crazy, videos regarding the trailer have flooded my YouTube feed and everyone has their own opinion on the newest installment of the Star Wars Saga. Well, here’s mine:

This trailer is not good. Based on this trailer I am not optimistic for Disney’s sequel trilogy finale. I really like Episodes 7 and 8 in their own respective way, although I thought each had their problems. The Last Jedi was very polarizing among fans, and the pressure to make a crowd pleasing finale is so intense that JJ Abrams has definitely got his work cut out for him. What I’ve seen from this trailer, I am expecting to be incredibly disappointed come December.

First, let me get out what I like about the trailer. The first thing that I like about this trailer has nothing to do with the trailer at all, and it’s the fact that JJ Abrams is directing the movie. The Force Awakens is a well acted and gorgeous movie, so I know that everyone is going to be the best that they can be for the finale of this trilogy. I think that the visuals are going to be stellar, as proven by the opening visuals and the Death Star ruins shot. The music could possibly be the best of any Star Wars movie from what I heard, and the score will be very emotionally charged and beautiful.  Hearing Luke was cool although I really didn’t like what he was saying. And the shot where Kylo Ren is throwing a man to the ground was beautifully executed. However, that’s where that ends. There are many things that I want to talk about.

The first issue that I had with the trailer is that Rey had Anakin’s lightsaber. The Last Jedi effectively destroyed that lightsaber with the overarching theme of “let the past die”. This is again shown in the brief moment that Kylo Ren’s helmet was being repaired. I thought that it was a good character moment but apparently fans didn’t like that so they are piecing the parts back together because somehow The Last Jedi “destroyed” Star Wars. It seems that JJ and Kathleen Kennedy listened to the butthurt fans and brought everything back that they know and love without regard to the actual story that was continued by The Last Jedi. I am a Last Jedi fan, but I know that there were a lot of issues with the film, however by that small moment, it is conveyed to me that Disney does not want to take risks, instead to cram the movie with references.

I wish this was the only time that it happened but this trailer also has many more unnecessary references and cameos. Lando Calrissian is back in the cockpit of the Falcon, which is a nice sight to see, but I think is very unnecessary. Lando is a fan favorite, but I don’t think that they should put him in unless it really benefits the story. Again, the idea of “let the past die” has completely vanished by putting Lando in the movie.

For me, the “cherry” on top of this trailer is the Emperor laugh right before the title reveal, implying that the Emperor will return in this movie. I don’t know if Disney remembers, but the Emperor was vaporized when Darth Vader threw him off the balcony, completing Vaders arc of him returning to the light. The Emperor was a strong character that was a purely evil person who had influence on Vader and needed to die to make Vader the person he became. Bringing back the Emperor does not make sense at all. This is bringing the past back to a nauseating level and I don’t think that this will be a good idea.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is going to be a travesty if it is at all like the trailer. All of the fan service that was crammed into the two minutes feels like it’s pandering to the most basic Star Wars fans. There will be no tears of joy in the theater in December, nor will there be tears of sadness. The only reaction that will be present is:

I get that reference gif