Over a decade has gone by since Super Mario Galaxy released for the Wii and to this day, it is often seen as the best game on the Wii or second best compared to it’s sequel, Super Mario Galaxy 2. It was a breath of fresh air for Nintendo fans as it added a new element to the 3D platformer that many thought would be too hard to implement, and Nintendo pulled off the addition of interplanet gravity flawlessly. The colors are vibrant and the music is easily one of the best OST’s in any video game ever.

Those are the first things that come to my mind when I think of Mario Galaxy, but the initial release of Galaxy came off the heels of a Mario 3D platformer flop in Super Mario Sunshine. I personally love Super Mario Sunshine, but it did not do well due to the lack of people who owned a GameCube. Sunshine definitely came unexpected to gamers, as it was unconventional in it’s premise and gameplay, but those who did own the game enjoyed it. Now with the runaway success of the Wii, Nintendo knew that they had to blow anything else out of the water with their new addition to the 3D Mario series.

Mario Galaxy starts off very typically with Mario going to a festival to see Princess Peach, when she gets kidnapped by Bowser. From then on the gamer gets taken on a magical journey through space with all new challenges and a mysterious character named Rosalina, who is mother to the Lunas and has a hidden past.

When you ask a lot of Nintendo fans what their favorite 3D Mario game is, they are not likely to say Mario Galaxy. But, just mentioning the game will evoke some good memories with the game and a fond recollection of the adventure they had with Mario in space. All of the stars are worth collecting, no matter how challenging they may be to get, and everyone that I know who has played and loved this game will tell you that the ending is possibly the best ending to a Mario game ever. Wii’s are cheap nowadays, and finding a copy of this game won’t prove to be too much of a challenge, but the game itself is in a galaxy of it’s own.