Merry and her men are still living in the pool house of Maeve Reed Hollywood Goddess and her late husband Gordon. They still have the Goblins and Demifey as allies but King Kurag wants out of the alliance. Merry, Rhys and Kitto put on a show of skin as is often done in the Unseelie court which as it was meant to made King Kurag drool. They managed to come to an agreement of time lengths for each goblin/Sidhe Merry brought to their Power.

Up to now, Merry realized that Power is moving again in Faerie and that she gets to experience and witness it. She never thought that she would be chosen by the Goddess Danu mother of the Sidhe. Merry has always been told that she is less than everyone. Not beautiful because of her curves, not Powerful enough and just flat out not Sidhe enough. She is a mongrel. Get told this long enough and you believe it. So Merry never thought the Goddess Danu would ever look at her much less choose to use her. However, Danu came to Merry in a dream, gave her Power to drink and then Merry brought the chalice out of the dream.

The return of the chalice, also known as the Great Cauldron, is causing a stir among the royalty and nobles of the Unseelie Court. When Taranis, King of the Seelie Sidhe, finds out about it’s return only trouble can follow. Merry and her men must go to court and play a deadly game.

Will Merry survive her visit to Court? What will Taranis do when he finds out about the chalice? How will Danu move next. Tell me what you think of the book in the comments below. Til next week…