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George R. R. Martin’s Nightflyers 1 x 9 – “Icarus” Episode Review (Spoilers!)

Finally #nightflyers turns into the creepy space horror we deserve!

SyFy’s adaptation of George R. R. Martin’s novella “Nightflyers” continues with episode nine, “Icarus,” as the Nightflyer moves within visual range of the volcryn. Karl learns then that the volcryn ship is actually a fleet of ships, not one large craft, and is suddenly a hundred times more obsessed than he was. He throws protocol out the window and demands that they approach the volcryn despite all possibility of danger, which presented by everyone else on the ship. Roy Eris, on the other hand, sides with Karl so they approach the volcryn fleet with haste.

Photo Source: Nightflyers on SyFy
NIGHTFLYERS — “Icarus” Episode 109 — Pictured: Gretchen Mol as Agatha — (Photo by: Jonathan Hession/Syfy)

Rowan’s last moments of calm play out when he buries a few small mementos of his child with Tessia in the garden of the dome. As he exits, he takes up the axe we’ve been waiting for since episode one of the series! Rowan starts popping up all over the ship acting creepy, and while he doesn’t have that axe anymore no one wants him around.

In what I think of as a bit of a leap in the plot, Agatha develops the power to astral project thanks to all of that sweet, sweet teke, allowing her to approach Thale and stop him when he considers suicide because of the pain they are causing one another. Thale eventually reaches out to the volcryn and connects with an amorphous living creature of flowing color and substance with a musical voice that exhilarates and overwhelms his physiology at the same time.

Photo Source: Nightflyers on SyFy
NIGHTFLYERS — “Icarus” Episode 109 — Pictured: Maya Eshet as Lommie — (Photo by: Bernard Walsh/Syfy)

After voicing her concerns about their aggressive approach of the volcryn despite carefully laid plans, Mel questions how Roy was able survive the decontamination despite his repeated lies. In the middle of all of the captain isn’t human and we’re approaching an alien race excitement, Cynthia takes over Lommie’s body and demands he stop the ship from reaching the volcryn.

Photo Source: Nightflyers on SyFy
NIGHTFLYERS — “Icarus” Episode 109 — Pictured: Maya Eshet as Lommie — (Photo by: Bernard Walsh/Syfy)

Finally, there’s a big surprise when we learn how the terra-form dome is destroyed. As events come full circle from episode one chaos reigns as Rowan and his axe take after Agatha on the sixth floor while everyone else is focused on the dome. Even though I’m finally getting the space horror I want, I’m disappointed that this is how we got there. The episode ends as Agatha sends a warning into space about the Nightflyer and then dramatically kills herself in a delightfully gruesome way. I’m left wondering if Thale will know about her tangle with Rowan when they meet next. Guys, Icarus’s wings are melting.

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