Animal Crossing is a game like no other, it has captivated audiences young and old for nearly 20 years. Whether it’s the casual gaming style or the unique characters, gamers flock to any game that resembles the classics we all know and love. Needless to say, when I found Castaway Paradise on the Google Play store, I was intrigued.

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I have been on a real mobile game kick these last few weeks, I felt that I never really gave them a chance. Now that I am at university (Go Sun Devils?!) I find myself with more free time in between classes and course overload. To pass the time I meander on Reddit and Google Play giggling to myself at the ridiculous things people have created until I find a diamond in the rough. After nearly an hour of searching I found the one, Castaway Paradise.

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Castaway Paradise is a sandbox simulator with point and click capabilities found on IOS, Google Play, Mac App Store, and Steam. It boasts a Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing vibe with a dash of island flare. Gamers can engage in a variety of activities including bug hunting, fishing, farming, quests, and customizing their characters. There are over 1,500 items to decorate the island with and hundreds of quests to complete, players will never find a dull moment. It is also hinted that players can trade with friends, does that mean multiplayer? Castaway Paradise couldn’t download fast enough; my greedy eyes were eager for a chance to get in on the action.

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After the painfully slow download was completed, I found myself on an island covered in seaweed. My ship had been wrecked during a storm and I was now forced to live in this humble village. Greeted by Mayor Viktoria, she cleaned me up and gave me a modest tent that she assured me could be upgraded in the future. I grew corn for the town chef Gustave, went fishing with the aviator named Amelia, and got bullied by the construction manager Angus. I was having a blast watering random plants and pulling weeds, it was a total Animal Crossing meets Harvest Moon experience. I really felt that their promise was delivered, which is rare in games like this.

The music in Castaway Paradise is fun and light-hearted with flutes playing the stereotypical island music. It reminded me of summer, which is desperately calling my name, and even as I type this I have it playing in the background. The graphics are pretty stellar considering it’s a mobile game, characters have a fun blocky appearance while the land is vibrant and colorful. The only complaint I have is that the grass looks exactly like a lightened version of Animal Crossing and when fishing, the shadows do as well. The game is unique and fun on its own, I feel they didn’t need to take these elements from previously celebrated games. Otherwise, Castaway Paradise is the perfect love child between two of my favorite games.

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Source: Screenshot Castaway Paradise

Castaway Paradise is the perfect blend of Harvest Moon meets Animal Crossing. The quests are inimitable, the storyline is interesting, and the characters are adorable. Aside from the landscape rip-offs, I feel that while elements from the previously mentioned games are there, Castaway Paradise is still one of a kind. It gave me hope for mobile games of the future, and I am interested to see what other games Stolen Couch Games have created.