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ARSENAL RETURNS TO HELP THE TEAM — When they learn of an upcoming attack on the city, Team Arrow calls Roy Harper (Colton Haynes) to help them stop the Ninth Circle. However, things go awry and there is massive collateral damage. As Captain of the SCPD, Dinah (Juliana Harkavy) investigates what happened in an episode that takes on a true crime narrative and tone. – the CW/Arrow

The episode opens with two dead security guards at Star City Metro and Oliver and his team were on site. Dinah and the sergeant is not happy with Oliver especially because she had no idea what Oliver and the team were doing.  And now we’re flashing back three days earlier to explain how we’ve gotten here.

Dinah walks into the Arrow Cave with big news. Dante is dead and it totally looks like Emiko did it. Emiko still has the bio weapon and it looks like she has gone full heel, so the next move is to protect the only device that can be used to trigger it. Aerodyne wants no protection from Oliver and Co, because they are on the take for the Ninth Circle.

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Roy Harper is in the present. Oliver called in some extra help.

And now Felicity is being interrogated. The footage from the subway is missing and Felicity looks like the culprit, of course she denies it. Dinah also isn’t happy about the team bringing Roy in.

Pre-interrogation jump, the team is hyped to see Roy.  The called Roy in to infiltrate Aerodyne as no one would recognize him. Roy was to late and Emiko was already there getting the device. Roy fights some dudes but Emiko gets away with the device.

Now that Emiko has the device the time splits up to try and found where she plans to release the weapon and stop her.  They split in three groups.  Roy and Felicity, Oliver and himself, John and Rene. In the interrogation room Felicity claims she hadn’t seen the guards but she did in fact. Roy leaves her and then the guards die, looks like Roy could be in trouble.

Roy is now in the interrogation room. When he left the room some guys witht the Ninth Circle jumped him and got the upper hand—that’s the last thing he remembers. I don’t get why Dinah has such a hard time believing that the Ninth Circle killed two guys—it’s pretty on brand for them.

Now John is in the room and corroborating Roy’s story.  Now we’re hearing John’s side. He and Rene ran into their own trouble, Emiko. They split up, John after the device and Rene after Emiko. John found Roy unconscious and then heard the gunshots that killed the guards. John found Rene over the bodies—not a good look for him.

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Of course, Rene is in the room next. Rene still thinks he can reach Emiko during a conversation with Oliver. Rene’s prints were also on the murder weapon. When he split with John he told Dinah and the serg he didn’t catch up with Emiko but he did. He tries to reason with her but she says she just wants revenge on the Queens. She hits Rene with an arrow and runs off, that’s when Rene hears the gunshots and runs after them. Rene found Oliver there.

Naturally Oliver is next in the room and Dinah wants the truth. Who killed the guards?

When Oliver was on his own, he came across the Circle destroyed the weapon and fought a bunch of dudes. There was a weird hooded dude with a staff that rocked Oliver then he heard the gunshots and found Emiko standing over the two dead guards.

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All there stories line up so they are released. Things don’t line up though and Dinah and the serg if that’s what he is aren’t really buying it.

Plot twist Dinah’s in on their lying, as she meets them in the Arrow Cave saying they all did a good job. Dinah was with them the whole time. Dinah was paired off with Oliver. Roy wasn’t really knocked out. He got cracked in the dome and then went berserk which lead to him killing the guards. The team then found Roy and stopped him but it was too late they were dead. Roy looks like a mess and is clearly upset. They all agree to cover it up because they’d be taken off the streets and there would be no one to stop Emiko. They had to lie. So, what caused him to go crazy?

Roy died and got dropped in a Lazarus pit. He has bloodlust now. Also no one knows who wiped the cameras. And Felicity found Emiko so, all of them including Roy are off to get her. Oliver comes face to face with Emiko who reveals that she had the security footage and is having it delivered to the serg. Emiko wants Oliver to die a villain like Robert ad confesses that she could have saved Robert. The episode closes with Emiko bombing the building Team Arrow is in. The last image we see is Oliver trapped under rubble.

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