Greetings tenant of room 16 or that would be what we would say if you chose to play “Do Not Feed The Monkeys”. The award wining indie voyeur simulator game has captured the attention of multiple audiences since its release on the PC on October 23, 2018. You play as an unnamed individual who was just accepted into “The Primate Observation Club”.

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Photo Source: Do Not Feed The Monkeys – Fictiorama Studios & Badland Games Publishing (Developer) – Alawar Premium (Publisher)

This game is sure to spark paranoia for those who play it as the objective is to observe people who do not know they are being watched. Surely, a good portion of the population has experienced the fear of someone watching them in secret and this game puts them on the other side of that scenario. Somehow, “The Primate Observation Club” manages to install hidden cameras in a vast variety of locations spanning across the spectrum and each new camera offers something new to the players experience. You can choose to approach the game-play in different ways such as limiting your interactions to taking part in all aspects possible. There are multiple endings for this game and also side notes on how your actions affected others. Overall, this game captures the dark side of the internet/ world in this digital age were it is a constant battle to insure privacy.


Photo Source: Do Not Feed The Monkeys – Fictiorama Studios & Badland Games Publishing (Developer) – Alawar Premium (Publisher)

In terms of game mechanics, the controls are simple and easy to understand/ utilize. The desktops cursor is the only thing you need to use to play this game so its simple enough for any beginner to use but still manages to capture your attention for hours. There are multiple possibilities for cages so with each new game offers the chance for a different combination of cages. We thought this addition aided in replay appeal because it makes each new game exciting for hours of entertainment. Without the aid of a walk-through or guide, players could easily spend hours trying to decipher the means to get the desired results for their cages.

On top of the task of watching the monkeys (who are actual people unaware they are being watched), the player must also mind the health and financial responsibilities of their character. This task can be challenging as certain cages are only active during certain times and the need to perform odd jobs can hinder the necessary observations. The further you invest yourself into the game the more it becomes about proper time management as you will be responsible for a large number of cages while still needing to earn money both for the club and your living expenses.

If the thought of managing your actions around the game’s schedule frightens you, don’t worry. Cages can close based on the actions you take which can lighten the load while also offering you a small monetary sum. As you observe the monkeys you will find clues and learn their secrets which can be used how you see fit. These responsibilities can be taxing on ones morality but keep in mind that some interference can be a positive thing.

We would recommend this game to a causal player or someone just looking for so some story based video game entertainment. Do keep in mind that there are some situations/ images not suitable for younger audiences so young adults would probably be the best age group for this game. With good replay appeal coupled with a reasonable price tag, this would be a fun game to have on your PC.


Photo Source: Do Not Feed The Monkeys – Fictiorama Studios & Badland Games Publishing (Developer) – Alawar Premium (Publisher)

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