“Lorenzo’s Oil? No, Linda’s”, episode eleven of season nine on Bob’s Burgers and the first to premiere in 2019, took audiences on an essential oil journey. Linda is a very upbeat and fun character but long standing audiences know she is not without her flaws. At the same time, Bob and Teddy found themselves struggling to aid a Mr. Huggins and his nerves.

Bob's Burgers (Lorenzos Oil No Lindas 2)

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To sum up the plots of this episode, Linda found herself entangled in a new friend and Bob’s kind gesture turned into a more complicated outing. Linda met a new woman named Angie at the grocery store and immediately finds her self drawn to this beautiful, kind individual. Angie is a full time sales woman for essential oils, some of you may know what those are but for those who don’t, they are basically oils with powerful scents that sometimes are used to aid the body/ mind. Eventually Linda is invited to a party Angie is hosting and all seems well but we knew that something interesting was about to make itself known. Gayle, Linda’s sister, happened to make a random call to the Belcher home and upon learning of her sister whereabouts springs into action to help her. Gayle, who has picked up the children and began making her way to the location, confides in the trio of her unfortunate past with essential oil sales. A fun use of comedy the show uses is the method that all the characters are stopped from completing their task due to certain obstacles that are practically made for them. Towards the end, the four finally manage to tell Linda how becoming a essential oils sales representative will ruin her finances as they are nearly impossible to sell. Despite all the previous positivity, nearly everyone confesses to their own struggles with their sales as they do not poses the necessary skill set like Angie for this work. In conclusion, Linda realizes she is to easily swayed by interesting people and Louise tries to kidnap a dog.

We thought this episode was a wonderful play on Linda’s past attributes. Even though she is the families primary finance handler, she often will waste, be careless or be swindled regarding money since she is not level headed when she gets a particular idea in mind. On top of that character flaw, she often wants to be a people pleaser even if its at her own expense/ is impossible for her to accomplish which has appeared many times in the series. This episode brought so many of Linda’s quirks to light which made it one of the most entertaining episodes of the season in our opinion. To be fair, we also got to see the flaws in Gayle and the Belcher children which made us love these characters even more than before because it is these differences that add to them or compliment their charm.

Bob's Burgers (Lorenzos Oil No Lindas 3)

Photo Source: FOX – Bob’s Burgers

Focusing back on Bob and Teddy. What was supposed to be a simple favor to an older gentlemen, managed to become a classic comedy ordeal. At first Bob and Teddy think they are just going to move a mattress for Mr. Huggins but as the episode progresses he begins to ask more of them, like other small tasks and asking for their opinions. This side story offered subtle comedic relief from the main plot due to it being funny but relate-able. It could also be said that essential oils could have helped him a bit in this situation so it was ironic in a funny way. Finally, Bob manages to deliver one of his famous real talks that often remind us of the important things in life with this one about how being honest can make everything better. Overall, not a bad addition to the episode as a whole.

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