Lena has been caught, revealing her testing of Sam inside a secret L-Corp lab. She adamantly defended her efforts, claiming she has no alliances to the DEO since she’d only recently learned of her existence.

Kryptonite was used to contain Reign inside the lab space, and that will likely impact how Supergirl sees Lena as a person.

Reign, Purity, and Pestilence are together, which can’t be good for National City.

Supergirl is knocked out by an incoming eclipse, waking in the valley of Juru. She’s seen Julia and now Sam. They’re both trapped inside this alternate dimension. Agent Danvers, Brainy, J’onn, and Supergirl decide to devise a way for Supergirl to travel back to the Juru valley to speak with Sam and get some more answers.

Wracked with guilt, Julia can barely remember her own name. Sam struggles to remember Ruby and is having a terrible time. Desperately trying to remember, each writing the information they can remember before it’s forgotten.

Kara flies to CatCo to speak with James about Lena’s having Kryptonite. She’s wary of believing Lena know that she understands Lena subdued Sam with Kryptonite. Kara wants the CatCo CEO to ensure that there is no Kryptonite left.

Kara’s strength is depleting fast. Brainy is concerned that the weight of Kara, Lena and Alex’s minds together will make completing the mission even more daunting for the Kryptonian. Wanting to make sure it’s seen through, Kara has Mon-El promise to pull Alex and Lena out if things go sideways, leaving Supergirl behind.

Grace, the human disposed of when Pestilence took over, is seen lying in the fog, encouraging Alex, Supergirl and Lena to hurry along to try and save Sam and Julia from the same face.

Mon-El still has strong feelings for Kara, wishing he could pull Kara out of the inter-dimensional mission, knowing full well it would bother Imra.

James, meanwhile, heads into Lena’s lab, rejecting the “baby bird” code name as he attempts to open the safe to determine whether Lena still had Kryptonite. James didn’t open the vault though, instead fibbing to Winn and telling him there was nothing left.

“Is this what it’s like when humans exercise? This is terrible. Why would you ever exercise?”

This moment was good, seeing Kara struggle with catching her breath, and being susceptible to getting cut while in this alternate dimension.

They’re able to discover the Worldkillers’ location after Kara confronts Sam in the alternate dimension. As the eclipse closes, it becomes nearly impossible for Kara to face Reign head on. Purity rises up against Reign, dying in the process along with Pestilence. But I get the gnawing feeling that something is amiss…

Lena always suspected that Alex was DEO ever since her mother was wrapped up in her crimes. And Alex got a sweet uniform upgrade.

James reveals to Lena that he’s Guardian, saying he snuck in to check her vault for Kryptonite and revealing he hadn’t checked inside. Surprisingly, Lena tells him that it was her artificial Kryptonite, not Lex’s, that she used on Sam to experiment with her connection to Reign.

Overall, this episode plot-wise was interesting, but most of the behaviors of Kara, James and Lena were quite out of character. Kara was always one to trust Lena despite everyone else’s doubts. James flips on his own opinions of Lena from previous seasons, choosing to believe her abilities aren’t nefarious in nature. Plus, Mon-El was just annoying pining after Kara still. Imra should have knocked some sense into him by now.

Outstanding moments:

“You don’t like secrets. What’s your real name?”


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If Lena can’t understand that Kara Danvers is Supergirl, I’ll eat my hat.

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