Super Smash Bros Ultimate just released and it is massive with a roster of over 80 characters after all DLC characters are released, over 100 stages and over 800 unique music tracks. More so than any other game in the series the developers have listened to the fans putting in such characters as Ridley and King K Rool as well as bringing up the combat speed once again to make it a high speed fighting game. Even small things such as adding in Ganondorf’s sword were finally implemented. It is truly the Ultimate smash game.

So can Melee finally die? Please. Every discussion of Super Smash Bros seems to revert back to Melee. The community has refuse to let the game die despite the fact it is played out and almost 20 years old. Every other fighting game community seems to be able to move on from game to game with easy. When Street Fighter V came out, Street Fighter IV bowed out and the former took its place at large tournaments like EVO. The same can be said about Tekken, Guilty Gear, BlazBlue, King of Fighters. While there are smaller events, especially for anniversaries of landmark games such as Street Fighter II, there are no longer still major tournaments for these.

So can the Smash community please move on finally? Fox and Falco wavedashing is no longer interesting. I know you played Melee when you were a kid or in high school, I did too, but at some point you have to stop letting your nostalgia drive you.