A good episode shows up.  It left this six-foot-five inch, two hundred forty-one pound man in wiping tears as they streamed out of his eye sockets.  Jon comes back around for some flashback scenes and weeks of build-up finally collide into a well-written episode.

Rome and Dad

The episode started off with Rome and Regina having issues in the bathroom, a clogged sink.  Instead of calling the Super, Gina calls her father-in-law.  He comes over not to fix the sink, but to teach Rome how to fix the sink.

Rome, armed with his pathetic excuse for a toolset, is instructed to jump under the sink and to take off the elbow.  Once done he is drenched in sink water, yuck.


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Rome leaves to wipe himself off and when he comes back, his dad is holding a bottle of his pills. He questions Rome about what they are for and Rome tells him that he has clinical depression and they are to help him out.  His father then asks if he is going to a shrink and he confessed that he was in order to fix himself.

His dad gets up, turns the water on and leaves, obviously disappointed in Romes decision.

Delilah and Maggie

Delilah shows up to Maggie’s house for a road trip. Delilah is accompanying Maggie to a talk at a college.  Once they get there, Maggie is giving her speech as prepared, but the college-aged audience is bored.

Maggie does an audible and gets real with the crowd. She shares what happened to her brother and connects with the audience and more importantly begins to connect her own emotions to what happened to her brother’s tragic death.

Maggie 1

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On the way back the to town, they stopped by a gas station and Delilah got a little action from a guy pumping gas. This led the conversation about why Delilah is still wearing her wedding ring seven weeks after the death of Jon.  She reminisces on their relationship and reveals that she wish she could go back two years ago.  That’s when Jon had left their relationship and he started to distance himself from her.  She wishes she would know why, but she still has no clue.

As the episode concludes, we see her fidgeting with her wedding, contemplating if she will take it off or not.  In the end, she decides not to do it, not yet.


Katherine’s storyline has been complicated by the entry of her coworker Hunter.  She is also juggling the desire to be a partner at the firm, a goal she’s had since being in law school, along with being a mother to Theo.

Her first hurdle this episode is that it’s her turn to have Theo, but she has to go to work.  She calls her mom to watch Theo but doesn’t get any love there, so instead of turning to Eddie, she has Hunter stop by and watch him.

Meanwhile, she is applying to be a partner and when she’s called in she is given the job.  She says she would love to take the position but she has one condition that’s non-negotiable, that she is free to be at home for dinner with her son everyday from 6pm-8pm.  They say they need to discuss this with the committee and get back to her.


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Later that night she gets the call, and their decision was that they need her to always be available for the firm.  They give her until the next day to make her decision.  When she goes back to Hunter in the kitchen he asks her if she got the job and with a huge smile, she says that she didn’t get it.  Hunter asks why she’s smiling, and she says because she just got her life back.


And now we get to the real meat of the episode.  Gary wakes up next to his longtime crush, Ashley.  She was the forbidden fruit that Jon had told him not to touch, but after going off on Maggie and all his friends for supporting her decision to not get treatment for her breast cancer, he ran off with Ashley.


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Throughout the episode, Gary had flashbacks of Jon while he was going through chemotherapy.  Jon showed up to all his appointments and fought hard to make sure that Gary beat cancer.  He promised him that they would take him out on the boats on the bay once he beat it, a promise he never kept.

While out with Ashley, celebrating his one year of being in remission, they make plans to go to the Bruins game (Rome and Eddie ditched him for other engagements). Ashley takes him back to his house and the entire crew surprises him in celebration of his one year anniversary.  Instead of being happy, he exits to the balcony.

Delilah follows him outside where he finally admits that he’s pissed. He goes back inside and in an emotional scene (I’m not going to try and do it justice here, so you gotta watch it), he tells them how angry he is. Not at them, but at the fact that his friend Jon, who fought so hard for him to stay alive through chemo, didn’t fight to stay alive.  The guys all surround him with a group hug.

A million little things… it’s what friendship is all about… and by the way, the episode ends with Maggie getting Chemo (WHAT?!).


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