In this episode, things had become a lot more graphic very quickly as the Spellmans find out that their family has been selected to participate in the feast of the feast. We dug straight into this episode with Harvey walking Sarina home. Originally, she wanted to invite him into her home, but something that appeared to be intestines hanging from her door stopped her in time before she would creep Harvey out. If Harvey knew about Sabrina’s other life, I think he still wouldn’t be comfortable seeing something like that. A simple note would’ve got the point across to, but that’s not how the witch world is. As terrifying as it is my site, it only symbolized what is yet to come. Sabrina was notified by her aunt what the feast of the feast is and what it celebrates. Its celebrated as a witch thanksgiving, but instead of having a large dinner consisting of turkey, cranberry sauce, and stuffing, they feast on the body of a woman. At this point, I learned the witches are beyond barbaric. First, we saw the acts of harrowing at the witch academy, Zelda killed her sister, cooked a plum child of the night, and now we found out that they eat a woman for supper on their Thanksgiving. So much for love, family, and giving thanks.


In the olden days, a witch by the name of Freya sacrificed her body so that she could feed her coven through the spring, thus sparking the tradition the feast of the feast. I don’t like how the members of the church of night feel the need to pass along old traditions as if the past events are still occurring. Life isn’t that bad for them where they can’t eat food, so why to continue to eat women. I’m sure of it that the witches can’t taste delicious from their nasty attitudes. The lottery is similar to the hunger games tradition except, if you’re not chosen from the family, you get to go home and be free to live. There is no fighting for your life because if you chose, you’re going to die! Whoever is “luckily” chosen, will be announced the queen of the Feast Of Feast. In a way being the queen of the feast of the feast is considered honorable because it’s the dark lord’s will. Zelda continued to express her passion for the witch holiday by saying that she has participated in many, but has never been chosen as queen. Sabrina didn’t like the idea of this celebrated holiday or the fact that it’s still a tradition. We know that aunt Zelda lives to serve the Dark Lord, so if she ever got chosen to be the queen of the feast, she would be honored. Sabrina, however, wouldn’t enjoy the idea of feasting on any of her family member, or any witch at all.


Aside from the witchy thanksgiving, Harvey, Susie, and Roz were asked to conduct research on his family’s history. Harvey discovered that his ancestors owned the land of witch hunters. This just keeps getting better for Harvey and Sabrina. Susie found out that one of her ancestors wore men’s clothing which made her smile because she was told that she was an abomination for being a girl and having a tomboy appearance. Susie is a good person so it isn’t fair how her peers and family treat her poorly for the way that she dresses. At the end of the previous episode, Susie wore a dress to her Uncle Jesse’s funeral because she was told that she is an abomination. Roz’s extreme vision loss has sparked her to gain a cunning sixth sense that gives her awareness. Later on in this episode, the queen of the feast which is Prudence was introduced to Sabrina’s half-witch life. Before the feast, Prudence was allowed to get her every want and need to be catered to so she decided to make it known at the Spellman’s home. She was showered with food, nice bubble baths, and sex (Why not live it up before you get eaten). Sabrina did her best to convince the witches to stop the feast of the feast from happening. She tried her best to talk Prudence out of sacrificing herself, but she was honored to do so. Sabrina even played chicken with her aunt on the day of the lottery by volunteering for the Spellman family. She figured if Zelda saw her niece possibly get chosen, that it would be an eyeopener for her to not make the feast of the feast a great tradition.


Towards the end of the episode, it was discovered that the Kinklemen killed a deer that was one’s familiar. This angered the weird sisters and made Sabrina lose a little hope in ever having a normal relationship with Harvey. With her witch life and mortal life combining, it is hard to keep so many secrets from Harvey. Eventually she will have no choice, but to tell the truth and if he can’t love her as she is, then he shouldn’t be around. It’s already bad enough that his family comes from generations of miners and witch hunters, but we can’t just hammer Harvey’s family. These witches aren’t so perfect themselves as you can see. Things get heated when we found out that Father Blackwood is scandalous! Constance stresses how much she wants her pregnancy to be successful because she knows facts wouldn’t forgive her if it didn’t (so much for a loving husband). We also found out that Prudence is his daughter (what a coincidence). Prudence’s mother killed herself because father blackwood wouldn’t marry her, leaving him with a child of the night. Constance now has to worry about Father Blackwood putting her on the back burner for not being able to conceive a child. This was my favorite episode by far because I didn’t see a lot of the events even coming. Now this season will really take off. I predict that Sabrina will uncover some more dirt on Father Blackwood that will make the church of night not trust him and possibly some more information about her father. Maybe her parent’s death wasn’t just a tragedy after all.