* Spoiler warning for The Big Bang Theory season 12, episode 9.

Sheldon and Amy on the Big Bang Theory

Sheldon and Amy spiral after finding out their theory is false on The Big Bang Theory. Photo courtesy of CBS, screenshot by Linda Maleh.

On last season’s finale, Sheldon and Amy came up with a new idea that could change the face of physics. This episode, ask Leonard and Raj to help them track down citations for the paper, as they get ready to publish. While researching, Raj finds a Russian paper, that when he has Howard translate it, actually disproves Sheldon and Amy’s theory. Leonard is then left with the awful task of telling Sheldon and Amy that the theory they thought was going to win them the Nobel Prize, was actually disproved decades ago. This send Sheldon and Amy spiraling. By the end of the episode, it’s still unclear how they’re going to get up and move on.

Meanwhile, Bernadette become determined to beat Howard at a computer game him and Raj have been playing. The problem: she’s really bad at it. For help, she goes to Denise at the comic book store to teach her how to play. Denise teaches Bernadette some tricks, but it still isn’t enough for Bernadette to win. She finally resorts to rubbing it in Howard’s face that she makes more money than him – something Penny suggests earlier in the episode – and decides to just beat Penny at the game. For someone as competitive as Bernadette, not being good at something is detrimental.

I’m a little bit worried about the the consequences of tanking Sheldon and Amy’s paper. After twelve seasons, it would be nice to watch Sheldon actually achieve something big in his career, and being that this is the last season, they’re running out of time. Hopefully they’ll have Sheldon and Amy find a way to adapt their theory, and actually succeed in the end. Failure is funny, but not if that’s the way it ends.