I hope you like planes, whether they are made of paper or metal. This week of Bob’s Burgers proved to be very aviation oriented but you probably got that based on the title, “Live and Let Fly”.

Bob's Burgers (Live and Let Fly 1)

Photo Source: FOX – Bob’s Burgers

Those long standing fans of the show know that the Belcher children are no strangers to their schools faculty seeing as they are often getting in trouble. Mr. Frond, the schools guidance counselor, appears before the kids and tells them that they have gained a sum of five hours detention. Naturally, the kids don’t want to pay the time for their crimes and Mr. Frond, being his peculiar self, offers them an alternative.  Philip Frond is always trying to find new ways to up his game in the professional world of guidance counseling which is were the Belcher children come into play in this episode. Apparently, Frond wanted to make a music video but needed the help of the kids to do so, to which, under the promise no other kids would see it, they agree.

Bob's Burgers (Live and Let Fly 2)

Photo Source: FOX – Bob’s Burgers

Unfortunately, their promise is broken due to Fronds irresponsibility. He leaves the computer displaying the project unattended so that he could use the bathroom and upon his return a group of the kids classmates are watching it. Tine, Gene and Louise go to confront him about this and, while he understands that he did wrong, doesn’t offer much comfort to them. I thought this was pretty terrible for a school official/ adult to do because he made a promise, broke it by being irresponsible but then didn’t even try to make up for it. Upset and feeling wronged, the three decide what their next course of action will be in getting revenge against Mr. Frond.

Bob's Burgers (Live and Let Fly 3)

Photo Source: FOX – Bob’s Burgers

This is where Kurt, a character audiences have seen in a past episode (watch it if you want to see Linda chop a guy in the neck), comes into play. The whole reason Frond wanted the video was to display it at a conference to impress his peers and this is what inspires the kids to seek Kurt. Kurt (aka Up Skirt Kurt)  is a small air plane pilot who lives in the area. I thought this episode was pretty interesting so to spare those who have not seen it, I’ll be vague. Overall, Kurt wanted to get help, in return for doing them the banner favor, by having them get revenge on a fellow pilot. These two have a long standing rivalry after one preformed a trick that the other also had been practicing. Rather then sabotaging a plane (along with potentially killing someone), these kids decided helping Kurt overcome the insecurities that manifested in the past would be the better option. After a dogfight (dogfight is a term for air combat where planes try to knock each other out of the sky), these two pilots manage to make peace and Kurt saves Mr. Frond from humiliation.

Don’t think I forgot about Bob and Linda. There wasn’t anything really ground breaking (accept a little reference certain fans of a certain studio might catch) going on with their side story but I’m sure someone can relate what they went through. These two spent their air time practicing throwing paper air planes. Before you ask why, they had a good reason for doing so. They wanted to win a new washer in a contest where if your paper air plane lands in the machine you get it. Spoiler, they didn’t win the washer but won a blender (which made them happier all the same). I also wanted to add how I thought it was funny that the contest put the nice dryer in front of all the other prizes (just a side note).

It was fun seeing Kurt again considering how audiences saw him last time (an episode I thought was funny and showed off Linda’s strong character). Again I don’t want to spoil his story to much because it had two interesting twists that need to come as a surprise to fully appreciate them but we got to see a new side to him and we learned a little more about his history. (Back to Frond) This guidance counselor is definitely not one of the most beloved characters on the show based on his overbearing, hypocritical and sometimes just plain annoying approach. Although, in his defense, Mr. Frond does genuinely care about helping children and wants to succeed at his job. While he needs to work on his professionalism if he wants to get anywhere, Frond has often provided sound advice here and there (like in this episode) that has helped the Belcher children grow as people. I would say that this episode was alright despite not understanding the banner reference (the banner being used in the kids revenge plan had certain directions to a website but I don’t know what said site contained).

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