This weeks episode was great, it brought a lot of surprises and after a while, you think you have things figured out and it’s refreshing when you don’t. Like for instance I initially thought that the Whisperers were making an appearance with Justin. But that wasn’t the case, I’m not sure how the kidnappers used someone that Justin recognized to get him to put his guard down. But Justin was shot in the chest, but not an ordinary wound, it was a very small wound. After the walkers feasted on him Justin comes back as a walker.

At Sanctuary in the morning, all sorts of things are happening, starting with Rick checking on Judith who has a cough, and touching the deck flooring that Carl and Judith put handprints on…… Outside we see they are using solar a lot and that the crops are making great progress, especially a tomato as Rick gets a ripe one and puts it by Carl’s grave. Back in the house, Michonne is working on moves for the Sanctuary as she is running things while Rick has been at the bridge. Michonne says Judith has a cough and needs to see Siddiq, and Rick says he will take the day off and have a family fun day or Judith will never go. Rick tells Michonne she needs to stop working and relax, Michonne says he wants her to stop working on the future? Rick replies there is other ways, reading between the lines means putting a bun in Michonne’s oven!!

A new character named Jed and other Saviors are out looking for Justin, they come across Maggie and Kal who are delivering food and supplies as their half of the arrangement for fuel they never received. Jed is accusing them of doing something to Justin and he steals and eats a tomato. The rest of the Saviors tell Maggie who he is and to mark him down for it and that they will get them fuel as soon as possible. The Saviors go off looking for Justin some more, and a few moments later walker Justin makes his way on the road.

Rick, Michonne and Judith have a great family fun day, full of hide and seek and play fighting and reading books. During the reading session someone comes to talk to Michonne, this is when Rick and Michonne heard about what happened with Justin and that he was killed and it wasn’t an accident. At the bridge tensions are high as everyone knows what happened to Justin, the Saviors want guns to protect themselves while accusing Daryl or Ann of killing Justin. Carol tells them to back off and threatens to shoot Jed if necessary. Rick comes in on his horse and tells everyone to back off and get back to work. Rick asks Gabriel if he knows where Ann was last night and if he can watch her, even if she didn’t do anything people might think she did and he needs someone he can trust to keep an eye out. Morgan says he was with her last night when he wasn’t. Morgan asks Ann about last night and she was very distant and unresponsive to his questions if she saw anything that might help. Rick touches base with Daryl who says he would have killed Justin in daylight instead of at night if he did it, and Rick wanted to know if he had his crossbow all night because the wound was small, Rick never thought Daryl did it but had to ask.

A number of people pair up to clear areas so they can lead the walker hordes away from the bridge. Maggie and Cyndie see some walker activity in their grid and call it in, Cyndie knows that a house is in the area since they used to live around here. There is some roof sheeting making some noise which is attracting walkers. Maggie is to handle the walkers and Cyndie is supposed to get the roof piece. Maggie has no issues, Cyndie gets to close to the door and sees some walkers trying to reach out and falls through the floorboards. All the noise is enough for the walkers inside to push their way out. Rick, Daryl, and Rosita show up to help kill all the walkers and are shocked that they beat Bea and Arat. After Maggie gets the piece off the roof everyone goes to look at Bea and Arat’s grid. Bea is knocked out face down in the field and Arat is missing.

Daryl and Maggie continue looking for Arat, farther along the trail they come across some walkers, Maggie goes and kills one and Daryl goes to look at the other one, he sees the small wound in the walker just like they saw in Justin. Daryl says he knows who killed Justin, which we start to think who it could be after seeing the scuffle that Bea was apart of.


Gabriel is confronting Ann in regards to who she is talking to on a radio. Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Ann goes back to her trash heap, she goes to a lockbox and finds a walkie inside. She says it’s Jadis and I know you’re in the range I saw the helicopter last night. They finally respond and asks if she has an A or a B. She says she has neither it’s just her, the voice says she has been compensated. Jadis asks what it would take, and they say it would take an A or a B. Father Gabriel heard and comes and asks who she is talking to, he asks if she was trading people for supplies. She says she was, it didn’t start like that but it ended up that way. She tells Gabriel they can leave together, but he can’t say anything to anyone and needs to promise to help her with one last thing. Gabriel says he can’t he has to tell Rick and Jadis said and all this time I thought you were a B as she knocks him out.

With Daryl and Maggie, she remembers Cyndie saying they lived near here, that’s where she would go if it was her. Daryl is able to track the location and finds the missing Saviors gas. Down the way, a bit is Cyndie and a few others from Oceanside have Arat on her knees. They tell Daryl and Maggie that they lived with things because they thought they had to until Maggie killed Gregory and they realized that Rick’s rules weren’t the only rules out there. Simon and them wanted all of their supplies and came and killed every boy including kids. They killed her11-year-oldd brother, and husbands and Arat is the last one of the group after this it’s over. Maggie asked Arat what she said before she did it at the urging of Cyndie. Arat said no exceptions, which is Negan’s line, Daryl and Maggie turn around and walk away as Cyndie kills Arat. Maggie tells Daryl it’s time to go visit Negan.


You have to enjoy this article no exceptions. Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC