As humans, we are often reminded of our own mortality. What happens after death is highly debated however, Barry McCabe and his team have envisioned a dark, yet oddly humorous ideology. Fate is a fickle mistress, especially within the game “Tower of Fate”.

tower of fate header

Source: Tower of Fate Steam Page

Tower of Fate is a horror puzzle game that is set within a giant tower. The puzzles get more challenging the higher one goes up and that isn’t the worst of it. The full sound attenuation makes it seem like one is fully immersed into the game. Every moan, groan, and gust of wind can be heard as if it’s truly happening around the player. This combined with excellent cinematography makes the perfect combination to get creeped out. The overall look and feel of the game is fantastic and can easily be appreciated by gamers of all experience levels.

tower of fate

Source: Tower of Fate Kickstarter Page

The biggest highlight of Tower of Fate is its dark comedic value. When I began playing, I heard a voice explaining where I was. As an antsy individual, I began walking towards what I assumed was the first checkpoint. The voice, Fate, didn’t seem too pleased with my actions. She asked that I stopped walking, of course this peaked my interest and I didn’t listen. I kept walking, at a painfully slow pace mind you, and this is when she got angry, warning me that if I didn’t listen there was no point in playing. Finding this odd, I continued to ignore Fate and she kicked me out! The demo closed, and I was left in a fit of hysterics, quickly clicking on the icon to play again. After it rebooted, Fate smugly suggested I listen to her and follow her rules. 

the tower

Source: Screenshot of The Tower of Fate

After completing the first puzzle, simply entering the Tower of Fate, I am warned that if I die three times, I will have to begin the game all over again and if I die too many times, Fate will kick me down to the fiery depths. However, if I prevail I will be granted access to the pearly white gates in the sky. I enter a room with three doors and am told to go to the right. I immediately die and quickly return to the room, ignoring Fate along the way. Obviously, to my amusement,  she  didn’t like that and she wouldn’t allow me to move until I gave her 50 jumping jacks. Let’s just say, my space bar got a workout. While this is a horror game, creepy moaning and rattling chains to boot, I am thrilled at how much Fate interacts with the character. She quickly became my favorite character in any game I have ever seen.

the tower of fate stairs

Source: The Tower of Fate Steam Page

While my thoughts on what happens after death hasn’t changed, I think if McCabe and his team are correct, I’d be pleasantly surprised. I for one, can’t wait to see the finished product and I hope to one day, finally make it out of The Tower of Fate alive. Hopefully, parting with my beloved Fate won’t be too damaging. Her wit and ability to keep me guessing is truly my favorite part of the game. Hats off to the mind that created her! If you wanna learn more, check out The Tower of Fate on their Kickstarter page and play the demo or add it to your Steam wish list.