The video game industry and the movie industry have had somewhat of a tumultuous relationship over the years. If you’re interested in learning more about the video slots industry, check out SlotsMummy today. Whilst there have been some highly thought of and successful video games which have been based on their movie counterparts, there have been a good number of misses that fall into this category as well. However, despite the inconsistent nature of movie-themed video games, it appears that online slot games are succeeding where many others have failed.

Themed slots have been growing in popularity for a number of years owing to the fact that gamers enjoy the subtle incorporation of familiar brands and concepts whilst trying to win the sizeable progressive jackpots that many of these games tend to offer. With that being said, below is a selection of the most entertaining online slots which are based on famous films.

The Dark Knight – The Slot Game You Both Deserve and Need 

If aliens really do live amongst us then a simple test to weed them out is by asking the person in question to quote a line from Christopher Nolan’s 2008 epic – if they fail or flat out refuse then there’s a good chance you should get Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith on the phone. The Dark Knight Slot is a five-reel slot game designed by gaming stalwarts Microgaming and has 14 winning symbols in total, the most lucrative being the iconic Batman symbol (well, duh). One of the most entertaining aspects of this slot is the random cameos from none other than The Joker – but you need not fear him, he often ends up awarding you extra prizes for some reason.


Source: The Dark Knight Trilogy via Facebook

The Gladiator – Are You Not Entertained? You Will Be!

Gladiator is another five-reel slot game which makes use of all the familiar symbols and icons including the Coliseum and Russell Crowe’s iconic Gladiator helmet from the 2000 blockbuster. As explained in this Canadian review, the game was launched back in 2008 by Playtech and the unique gameplay and strong relation to the movie made it an instant hit with gamers. The progressive jackpots and sizeable payouts still remain some of the most competitive to this day despite the age of the game. Some winning combinations will even trigger a few short clips from the film so you can feel hairs on the back of your neck stand up whilst potentially winning a fortune.

The Hangover – A Laugh A Minute Slot

It’s fair to say that this is a slot game which is definitely for the more hardcore fans of the movie – but at the same time, every man and his dog has watched the entire trilogy countless times, so most people probably fall into this category. Each game contains its own progressive round and is based on a scene from the movie which includes Stu picking a tooth and Alan’s unfortunate encounter with the stun gun. This four-screen slot allows you to pick from your favorite characters and features memorable clips from the movie as well as all the songs from the original soundtrack. Oh, and Mr. Chow also shouts out random nonsense every now and again to confuse you. What more could you want?

You Can’t Go Wrong With Themed Slots

Online slot games, in general, are growing in popularity due to their exciting, fast-paced nature as well as the impressive jackpots on offer. However, themed slots are undoubtedly where most of the fun lies and if you’re a bit of movie buff or simply have a penchant for a few well-known films then you’re bound to find a slot that which keep you entertained and hopefully earn you a pretty penny. Play on!