With the season finale tonight and us too excited about the theoretical possibilities surrounding Scare Bear this otherwise normal episode gave us side plot we’ve been waiting for since last season – so YEARS! For that conversation scroll down to the end of this post, because we have a quick recap of the events of Season 7’s 9th episode to get through!

The episode has 2 parallel plots as The Monarch and Dr. Venture respond to calls to assist in fixing different parts of the same problem: a supposedly more rogue sect of the Peril Partnership has stolen the Guild’s weather machine and being a major weiner with it to the point that the OSI gives permission to the Guild to assasssinate the culprit — who recruits Gary and the Monarch to do the deed.

Venture Bros. – Adult Swim

Of course they can’t do anything simply, it’s all gags and tongue-in-cheek bits about heroes and villains that is the shows bread and butter. Even the continued desires of Billy to be a hero and join Rusty on the adventure (he doesn’t realize he’s already living the dream) and Rusty’s general demeanor and response to his enthusiasm helps carry the dynamic. Both teams succeed after they kill the Creep in a gamr og lawn darts (technically he’s easily distracted and committed suicide) and Rusty ans Billy stop the machine in a nasty way and capture the pilot — Guild Stranger S-464. Shoutout to The Guolr’s evil twist by rewiring his brain and the reveal that they’ve put ahard stop to his and Agent Kimberly McManus relationship, it was a gasp worthy end(?) to a two season bit.

The Venture Bros. – Adult Swim

So now we can get to Scare Bear and the implications of the episode– we shoild say these theories are widespread and equally debated, so this is our interpretation of the facts. We believe Scare Bear is a time travelling Hank, likely prompted by the coming feud between budding super scientist Dean and his combat savant brother (he passed the sphynx test). So it makes sense that a future Hank could develop the skills to ve as elusive and scary as Scare Bear. And they just happen to pick this episode to bring up a mention of the time machine being in unsupervised hands? Why would Scare Bear give a shit to rescue Hank from ghe blizzard (not very villainous) to take him to Dean’s dorm to catch Sirena cheating on him with his brother? It all adds up and plays into our LONG standing theory that the show’s title “The Venture Brothers” is its own long running gag and we are seeing a long played out gag that Rusty amd the Monarch are unknowingly feuding brothers…and that the actual assumed “Venture Brothers” Dean and Hank are about to follow in their foot steps. Things have been moving in this direction for a while, but we are excited for whatever twist proves us wrong or adds theee more layers of intrigue to the situation. So fingers crossed the seasom finale gives us answers and doesn’t just leave us on another mutli-year cliffhanger.