Poster for The Man in the High Castle Season Three

Poster for The Man in the High Castle season three. Photo courtesy of Amazon, screenshot by Linda Maleh.

After a very long wait, The Man in the High Castle returns with season 3 on October 5th! What’s The Man in the High Castle again, besides that show with the super long name? It’s that Amazon show that depicts a world in which the Axis powers won World War II, and the Nazis and Japanese now occupy The United States. It’s also got parallel worlds, and magical films that show different possible worlds and timelines.

It’s been a long time (season 2 dropped on December 16, 2016), what happened at the end of season two again? No problem, let’s refresh. At the end of season two, a nuclear war was avoided. This was a group effort. First, Juliana killed a member of the resistance to stop him from getting Nazi official John Smith arrested for hiding the fact that his son has ALS. Because Smith wasn’t arrested, he was able to go to Berlin and reveal Joe’s father as a traitor, and avert the nuclear war by showing a film as proof that the Japanese have a hydrogen bomb – a film procured by Tagomi from a parallel world. Joe and his father were both arrested, and Smith was honored.

Juliana Crain in The Man in the High Castle

Alexa Davalos as Juliana Crain in Man in the High Castle. Photo courtesy of the Daily Dot.

At the same time that Smith was experiencing his greatest moment, his son decides to sacrifice himself, and turns himself over to authorities so that they can euthanize him for having ALS.

Meanwhile, over in San Francisco, Frank participates in a plot to blow up the Japanese state building. He gets caught up in the blast, and it’s unclear if he’s alive or not. You’ll just have to watch season three to find out!

Last but not least, Juliana finds out that her sister Trudy is alive.

Ok, so what do I need to know about the new season? I’m glad you asked. For one thing, Juliana’s sister isn’t really alive – it’s a version of her sister from another world. When season three picks up, you can find the two of them living with Hawthorne (the Man in the High Castle) and his wife. Trudy is what is known as a traveler, which means that, like Tagomi, she can travel at will to different worlds.

A film in The Man in the High Castle season three

A film in The Man in the High Castle season three. Photo courtesy of Amazon, screenshot by Linda Maleh.

Speaking of different worlds, the greatest threat this season is the machine the Nazis created to travel to different worlds so that they can conquer other worlds as well. Juliana makes it her mission to destroy the machine. Along the way she enlists different people to help her, especially new cast member Jason O’Mara (Agents of Shield).

The new season picks up with a time jump from last season, and it can take some time to adjust and figure out what’s going on with all of our different characters, but once you get settled, you’re in for a roller coaster of a season.

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