Source: Deadpool Mateo for The Game of Nerds

Salt Lake City got a taste of our newest cosplayer on the team, Deadpool Mateo at FanX Salt Lake Comic Con! With the help of his stuffed unicorn, Uni, he rode a shopping cart of awesomeness into the convention to woe the crowd. He did just that and more stating, “The super friendly atmosphere combined with all the activities will make going to this con as a cosplayer, everyday nerd or even a first Comicon goer an experience to remember.”



Photo Source: Deadpool Mateo for The Game of Nerds


Here are some highlights in his own words:

  • Winning a cosplay contest for a great costume with an even greater performance!
  • Giving the crowd what want. They want Deadpool, they get Deadpool! So many times there were people really contemplating if I was Ryan Reynolds. My investment into the character really showed. From my everyday voice to my responses, to even hearing a roar of applause after dancing to some tunes in the great vendor hall, I was fully committed to giving the best version of Deadpool as I could. Which leads me to my next subject. Dancing is a plus as a cosplayer, especially if you have a background in hip-hop choreography. Add a bit of sass to it and you get a “play it to the crowd performance” Deadpool. Built quite the crowd at the final Cosplay Dance Party with more than 1000 people in attendance. I caught the eyes of the two host of the FanX team. They then had me come on stage and give the crowd a show.
  • Ax throwing is always a good time. Especially when you can land the throw.
  • Also meeting one of the co-founders of FanX, Bryan Brandenburg, and having him say nothing but kind words to me about my overall cosplay is such a reward.


If you didn’t have a chance to check out Deadpool’s epic performance you should check it out on our Instagram!