I’ve always had special love for Asian culture especially their food, TV shows, and fashion so to know that there was a movie with a full Asian cast, I knew I had to see it. As I watched the film I felt like I’ve learned a lot more about Asian culture. For instance, I didn’t know that Chinese-Americans differ in some ways than the Chinese that live in China. The star, Rachel Chu, is a Chinese American economics professor who is dating a rich Asian man by the name of Nick Young. In America, Nick Young is just a young man in real-estate making a living, but in China, he is exclusive which means he can’t just be seen with anybody. To Nick, Rachel is his dream girl who he wishes to bring home, but before he could get the opportunity to tell his mother about his new girlfriend, a picture of Rachel surfed around China. Constance Wu, the actress that plays the role of Rachel Chu is absolutely gorgeous. She grew on me as one of my favorite characters her devotion to Nick, never backing down from a fight and the confidence that she has in herself.

Rachel thought that meeting Nick’s family would be a breeze because of her charming personality, but her mother wasn’t charmed. It was a long weekend for Nick and Rachel, his brother was getting married while Rachel got tortured by his mom, ex, and some jealous bridesmaid. Luckily some of Nick’s family didn’t look down on her like the rest.

I also loved Peik Lin. Her fashion sense is amazing and her comedy is gold. Peik Lin didn’t get as much screen time as I thought she would, but I she brought made me laugh a lot. Her family is also crazy but in a good way. I hope in the next film they will give Peik Lin a little more screen time. Her character defiantly made me wish that I had a bestie like her. My favorite scene with Peik Lin had to be when she dropped Rachel off to Young’s house and pulled out a cocktail dress out of her trunk. I wish I was that prepared!

The Bachelor party didn’t seem to fit the groom so that led to the bachelor and Nick branching off. Nick expressed his love for Rachel goes beyond words and he wants to be next to marry. Sure he wants more than anything to be married to her, but his family is in accepting of this because he doesn’t come from money like they do. Nevertheless, Rachel didn’t let some frowns stop her from being with the man that she loves.

I also cried a lot watching this film mainly because 99℅ of the time I’m in my feelings. I cried a lot when I saw the wedding that Nick’s brother had. The decorations, the dress, the hair was amazing. Whoever came up with that Idea needs an award. The way that his brother looked at his wife was breathtaking. I got goosebumps when she walked down the aisle. I love that Rachel didn’t let her enemies sweat. She did what she had to do to get through the weekend for Nick, now that’s a woman. I also loved how she proved his mother wrong. She knew that she belonged with him regardless of what they had to say. The two are a beautiful couple. I hope to see their wedding in the sequel. This film is something different and new to Hollywood films and that’s why I loved it. Hopefully, this opens more doors for more films like this or films expressing cultural backgrounds. I would like to add that I didn’t know that Crazy Rich Asians was a book so I feel weird watching the movie and haven’t read the book. Now I feel dirty because I always read the book first before I watch the film. See how Crazy Rich Asians made me go crazy? Crazy is my middle name and you’re crazy if you haven’t brought a ticket to see this movie yet because it is 8/10.