Technology is Changing the Face of Online Gambling

Technological additions have sincerely helped reshape the system in which we communicate with the people around us. The technology world is continually aiming forward, meaning technology improvements have enabled society to feel the advantage in different phases of their lifestyles, be that at the office, or at home, but also through side efforts, hobbies and pastimes. One particular entertainment that has been significantly enhanced through the evolving world of technology is online gambling. Here we are discussing that how the online gambling industry has transformed and improved due to such modern technology.

Most of the immediately shifting trends in gambling are due to technological change in the gambling industry. Many of these changes may have a direct or indirect influence on the ubiquity and types of gambling. Actions that were once managed in a restricted gambling environment (e.g., casino, bingo hall) can now be performed from home, the office and on the move.

                                          Technology, Gambling and Online Gambling

With the development of the internet so many people utilizing their computers and smartphones to play online casinos to acknowledge and conform to technology. For years, online poker was the most popular form of online gambling activity, but now online casinos provide hundreds of digital games that offer a genuine experience just like one would experience at a land-based casino. The improvements in technology support online casinos to work and offer real money effect for players from all over the earth.

Technology also performs a significant role in the evolution of new games. With the best software providers supporting top online sites, players will discover new and interesting games always possible. There are some fabulous websites where you can play free slots no download no registration so you can examine the slots without putting money or create an account and get the best one you want. These games make use of the advanced technology to offer a rich gambling experience, exceptional graphics and animations and great bonus features that improve gameplay and offer players more methods to be a winner.

Technology Convergence: One significant drift is that technology hardware is becoming more concurrent like internet access through mobile phones, and there is growing multi-media combination such as gambling and gaming via social media websites. In addition to concurrent hardware, there is also connecting content. This involves some kinds of gambling including video game factors, video games including gambling factors, and television programming with gambling-like factors. Much of these new gambling-like actions remain little examined and smudges the edges between gambling and gaming. However, the growing approachability may increase the prevalence rates of gambling addiction.

Gambling Via Social Media Sites: The launch of the first gambling money game on Facebook was in August 2012 had gained worldwide media engagement, and most gaming operators are now observing closely to see the progress from social gaming to social gambling, and that will be profitable. Gambling-type games are popular on Facebook. Texas Hold ‘Em Poker is currently one of the most popular games with 24 million players worldwide. Even when games do not require money, it includes players to the principles and excitement of gambling.

The main purpose of gambling is to play a game with cash by placing stakes, spinning the reels of a slot or placing bets on odds with the aim of gaining some money and big prizes. Gambling has always been attractive since it emits positive emotions from winning. This appeal hasn’t changed during the years and if anything, it has reached a broader audience thanks to the addition of technology. Because of the technology several good boys who usually didn’t go anywhere near casinos, are now using it as a legitimate source for income.

                                        Gambling as a Source of Income

With the risk that the global economy is afflicted, loads of people are trying to give themselves strong security by getting extra part-time works on top of their full-time job – as a way of increasing their finances. People in this condition choose various tasks to achieve this aim, and one that has become a more favored choice is gambling – mainly due to the common increase in its following that online casino has directed to.

For those who know something about gambling, it might seem impossible that anyone could make a steady, regular income from it but the truth is that people do. Those who do so usually concentrate on particular games, such as poker and blackjack, as well as on sports betting. This is because poker and blackjack include a portion of skill and strategy, giving the expert player an edge, while the odds of succeeding by sports betting can also be significantly enhanced by analysis – making them more liable to pay out on a regular basis than games of pure chance. Though obtaining a success out of gambling as a part-time source of income is not just selecting the best games to play, you also need to understand how to gamble responsibly.

                             Mobile Casinos and Casino Apps Reformed Betting

Over the last few times, there have been notable advancements when it comes to the world of gambling. The internet, as well as mobile phones, has encouraged form the face of different industries, from eating to shopping, there hasn’t been a market that hasn’t been affected by this technological progress.

The same can be stated for the gambling trade. Mobile gaming grew by a massive 75% back in 2012 and was predicted to increase by an additional 4% for the coming years. The amount of bets placed via mobile phones has started to hit $100bn, with a huge 164 million people expected to be using mobile phones to visit mobile casinos.

Now, while this innovative development has changed the way we shop, socialize online and go around, it has also unlocked the floodgates for developers to create new and exciting applications for the smartphone to enjoy. And it is these unbelievable little apps that have a real influence on specific activities. Online gambling has now evolved quickly into mobile-based gaming as well. Gambling has always been a huge favorite entertainment, but since casino operators started to roll out digital choices, a completely new community of potential players has been revealed. Thanks to the availability of mobile app markets and Wi-Fi connections, more and more of us can use the smartphone to download and start playing the favorite casino game in nearly no time at all, from wherever we appear to be at the time. The increasing use of smartphone alone has determined that those of all generations have started to find online gambling, and this new introduction of gamblers – some of them may have never even walked inside a conventional bricks-and-mortar casino – have assisted see online operatives consistently earn profits. Between November 2013 and November 2014, the wealth produced by mobile casinos found on the iOS operating system bounced up by a huge 55 percent, and the non-betting business alone is worth in the area of $2.7 billion. That’s just a business of online casino gaming that doesn’t include gambling with real money and is only for pleasure. The impression on the market as a whole has been vital and approximately all casino directors now offer some online mobile-based digital option for players. And with more and more nations now introduced to the idea of online gambling, the influence will have on conventional casino games such as poker, slot machines, and roulette will be extensive.

Gaming has become more versatile and has made mobile devices essential for improved gameplay fun. It has also raised site-wide action which in change has led to higher payouts. Easy to play games like online bingo was easy to turn to the mobile model, but online slots, scratch cards, and other player favorites instantly followed suit to build an authentic online casino adventure as we appreciate it these days.

By next year, the mobile gambling business is all set to take over 40% of the online gambling market. This growth is showing the significance of mobile apps in the gambling business.

                                           Technology and Online Poker

While many online casinos have successfully launched most online casino games and applied them to their mobile casino versions, many others are still lacking behind. One of the most challenging casino games to convert to mobile devices is undoubtedly online poker.

One of the most significant problems in converting online poker to the mobile version is that infinite items need to be represented on the screen and many mobile devices are too small for it. But the game developers did their job very efficiently and made poker one of the best mobile casino games.

                            The Growth of Mobile Gambling Demand

As we mentioned earlier that technology had a huge impact on gambling by adding a convenience factor to many mobile casino players to make gambling accessible all the time.

Mobile technology has been a critical factor in pushing gambling into the mainstream. It revolutionized every phase of the industry; from the random slots player to those players who love sports betting. For those players who like to play their favorite game on the go, improvements in technology have been leaps forward.

Together with the high-quality execution of modern smartphones and faster internet connections, the numbers speak for themselves. Punters playing for free and with real cash on their mobile devices have statistically been growing year after year. With many online casinos no longer offering mobile apps and instead developing completely dynamic websites that run on mobile, it is now simple to transfer your gaming experience from your desktop or laptop to your phone or tablet.

Though it has taken few years to sharpen these games, most new games particularly online slots are configured first for mobile devices. You are no longer restricted to your desktop computers to play a game. This leap in technology has given players the right to perform at their convenience. Several casinos also support players to top up their accounts via text, making payment methods even more secure than before.

                                    Virtual Reality and Technology

The next step is for Virtual Reality (VR). Popular game providers are already operating on the execution of this technology into online slots. NetEntertainment has published the virtual reality version of their classic slot hit Gonzo’s Quest.

With virtual reality set to take the casino world by storm in the not too distant future, there’s a high probability that it will beat mobile casinos. Gaming companies are already looking at ways to use the power of modern phones to run virtual reality applications.

At the moment, all eyes are also fixed on how virtual reality can be tied for poker. Now that VR hardware is available at affordable prices and software is being developed in tandem, the possibilities are interesting. For example, it surely can’t be long before we see virtual tournaments with players from all over the world playing in a virtual space. Also, VR may soon enable the ordinary online player to experience an even more authentic “live” experience.

We can’t wait to see what the technology holds for online gambling.

                                        Technology Changes Poker

There’s been a notable move in the world of poker over the last decade or so. The reason for the change is technology and the inevitable growth of the online poker website.

Ever since the first ones began developing, there has been rapid progress in both the games on offer and the absolute availability of playing them online. Sites like 888poker have taken advantage of both the increasing accessibility of fast wireless networks and the rise of the smartphone. Together, these have prompted a whole new type of player to take up the game including many more women and younger players than ever before.

Another idea into the future of online poker came from an experiment in which an artificial intelligence computer called Libratus took on four of the world’s leading poker players in a 20-day Texas hold’em match and came out on top, winning the equivalent of $1.7 million worth of chips. Only two years earlier, a similar experiment, using a less complicated device called Claudico, had the different result, explaining just how fast the technology is developing.

These are undoubtedly exciting times for the game, and you’d have to be a great player, or a fantastic bluffer, to predict where technology will take poker even a few years from now.


People don’t always think of casinos in the context of IT, but in many ways, they can be beneficial for the industry, and that involves their aid of technology. They prove that taking advantage of business purposes such as big data and ECM and using technologies like virtual reality to inspire people to use the applications, is a good bet.

Technology is going to continue developing, and casinos are going to continue to be pioneers in using these technologies for monitoring and tracking. The more gamblers understand how this technology is being applied, the more they will be able to be proactive about their gambling attitudes.