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Cobra Kai 1×07: “All Valley” Recap

Daniel trains Robby with unconventional techniques (Miyagi inspired “wax on, wax off” style). Robby, however, just thinks he’s doing chores, but Daniel reveals how “wash the windows” is a karate move.

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Over at Cobra Kai, Johnny realizes his students are all flinchers. He asks how many of them have never been punched in the face. He tasks Aisha with punching every student in the face.

punching faces
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Robby’s “friends” approach Robby eating lunch and asks him for help ripping off LaRusso. They ask for the security code, which Robbie doesn’t have. They say he had better find out.

threaten robby
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At school, Miguel babbles to Sam, trying to find the words to ask her out. When he finally does, Sam says she’s taking a break from dating, after what happened with Kyler. He accepts her rejection until he remembers Johnny telling him to never accept defeat. He suggests that they’re just friends hanging out separately but together. Sam says that if it’s not a date, it sounds like it would be fun.

not a date
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Robby takes photos of a car for an insurance agent, but his real motive is to inconspicuously be by the alarm code pad with his phone out. He records Amanda type in her code.

recording code
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Johnny tries to register Cobra Kai for the All Valley Karate Championship. He discovers that Cobra Kai has a lifetime ban from the tournament. Miguel reminds him that Cobra Kai is supposed to never accept defeat.

“Hawk” reveals to his new tattoo to his friends. It’s a giant hawk on his back with a blue mohawk to match his own hair. No regerts, right?

hawk hawk
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Daniel teaches Robby how to trim bonsai trees. “Visualize what you want the tree to look like and make it happen.”

trimming bonsai
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Miguel helps Johnny prepare for his meeting with the All Valley board. Miguel tells him that if he gets angry, make a fist, but don’t punch them. Johnny asks Miguel if he’s nervous for his date, and Miguel admits that he is. Johnny pushes the motto ‘strike first’ once again, urging Miguel to have the confidence to make his move. He suggests that Miguel takes Sam to Golf N Stuff, where he used to take all of his dates.

Johnny walks into the board meeting and says that he wants an appeal to the banning of Cobra Kai. Daniel, one of the board members, walks in and shoots the idea down immediately. He doesn’t want to give Johnny or the dojo another chance. Johnny tells the board that he’s been watching his losers get stronger and gain confidence. It’s making a difference in their lives and his own. Despite Daniel’s efforts, they vote to reinstate Cobra Kai.

all valley board
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Over at LaRusso Auto, Robby’s ‘friends’ show up, asking for the code. Robby says he can’t. A fight ensues, giving Robby the opportunity to test out his new karate skills. When Robby starts to lose, he points to a security camera, and the boys take off.

robby cornered
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At Golf N Stuff, Miguel sucks at mini golf, but wins 10,000 tickets at skee-ball, scoring Sam an octopus plush. Sam asks about Miguel’s karate, and Miguel tells her that his sensei says he’s the best student in class. He has Sam get up to demonstrate something to her. She flips him over, clearly having more skill than Miguel. Once he’s on the ground, Sam says that this was the best date she’s ever been on, and kisses Miguel.

sam and miguel kiss
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Miguel walks into Cobra Kai, asking “Who’s the man!?” Johnny goes to say that he is, but then asks if Miguel is also the man. Both of the guys are ecstatic and beaming with pride, both for themselves and for each other.

whos the man
Image Source: Cobra Kai on YouTube Red

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