Octopath Traveler is a Wait-to-Buy (Minor) Letdown

We’ve waited, played through the demo, paid full price to continue playing, were given exactly what the game said it woule be: a beautiful 2D-HD turn based RPG with an amazing soudtrack. However, for all the hype and my own excitement for the game it struggled to keep my attention and I have a few ideas as to why.

Octopath Traveler – Square Enix via Nintendo’s Official Youtube
I fully believe this is a game meant to ne played in the autumn between Halloween and Christmas, as its rich textures and soundtrack lend themselves to more of a cozy gaming experience where you can leisurely read and appreciate the text, because the content is there, but with a million summer distractions it wasn’t enough to keep my focus.
That isn’t to say I’m right or everyone agrees with me, ad the games first weekend sales blew past expectations with stock shortages in Japan. You can’t argue with sales data and the positive reviews from all the other critics, but here I am doing just that.

This game felt made for me, it was in my wheelhouse as I am a Square Enjx fanboy through and through, and still revisit Chrono Trigger, classic Final Fantasy’s and Dragon Quest. So why did I feel underwhelmed after shelling out $60 fora game I had been excited for? I believe that we have been spoiled by free mobile games like Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius that effectively delivered comparable content, and also the slightly lower price points of our recent gamimg purchases — see: Shining Resonance Refrain released last week as well with a reasonable $50 price point.

Octopath Traveler – Square Enix via Nintendo’s Official Youtube

All of this isn’t to say Octopath didn’t deliver and check all the boxes iy promised to. Even the gameplay for most of the early story feels like it requires attention and moderate planning so you won’t find yourself midlessly autopiloting through the game. All that being said, our recomendation is to wait for a (hopeful) Black Friday sale or even a potential used copy around that time and buy it at a more reasonable price at a time you can fully be enveloped in the game’s ambiance.

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