Aaron Mahnke took the podcasting world by storm when he released Lore, a podcast that focuses on the darker side of history. Lore has won multiple awards, has been made into a tv show on Amazon Prime, and has its own book series.

Aaron Mahnke

Photo Source: aaronmahnke.com/about

Now, Mahnke has partnered with HowStuffWorks to bring listeners a brand-new podcast called Cabinet of Curiosities. This podcast is going to be a tour of the unbelievable, the unsettling, and the bizarre. Unlike Lore, these episodes are going to be shorter tales and will be published every Tuesday and Thursday.

Cabinet of Curiosities

Photo Source: Aaron Mahnke’s Cabinet of Curiosities

Anyone who is a fan of Lore will likely be a fan of Cabinet of Curiosities. This podcast may prove to be more convenient for some listeners, as the podcast episodes so far are under 15 minutes. They are also going to be published more frequently than Lore, which is a biweekly show. So, fans can listen to their favorite creepy tales much sooner.

I would listen to any audio production that Aaron Mahnke produces, even if it was just him reading the encyclopedia. I am excited to see how this podcast fairs against its very famous older brother. Stick around for more updates and reviews!