Funko brought 3 group drops to day 3. We start with comics!


Hellboy leads the way in the Comics reveal today. He is looking all suave in his suit. Photo Credit: Funko


This is a flocked figure in pajamas and an ax. How can you not want this? This character’s name is Ghus from Saga, I don’t know either of those things but this is all awesome looking to me. Photo Credit: Funko


Alana from Saga, a Rock Candy. I’m not a collector of Rock Candy so this will be lost on me. But you might love it! Photo Credit: Funko


We now move to the two Games reveals! First off is sweeper bot from Destiny, who is actually sweeping. Photo Credit: Funko


Grill master 76 from Overwatch is pointing at you to come and get a burger. Photo Credit: Funko


Funko pop 2 pack! Scott Pilgrim is always a fan favorite. This includes Matthew Patel and an awesome looking Demon Chick. I know a lot of people losing it over this one. Photo Credit: Funko


Who wants more Vynl.? A lot of people! Vynl. is something that started slow but slowly growing. Scott Pilgrim and Ramona Flowers look pretty good together. Photo Credit: Funko


Next up we have a very random numbered Vynl. This is numbered to 2900 which is a first, probably, of the Royal Tenenbaums Richie and Margot. I self admit I don’t know much about this group. Photo Credit: Funko


Lastly is an incredible looking Mad Max ride. I like the look of the ride, I might pick it up. This is limited to 5000 pieces, and if that black box is the box I would want to grab this. Photo Credit: Funko