Welcome back for another installment of TGON’s Couch Co-op Collection! Here we discuss games that can be played with your friends while they’re sitting next to you IN PERSON! I know, its a novel concept.

Today, we’re going over one of the many installments in a line of enjoyably simple video game adaptations of the LEGO franchise: LEGO Marvel Superheroes.  If you’re not already familiar with the LEGO video games, then you’re in a for a treat. The LEGO titles always find a way to create game-play that is not only suitable for, but enjoyable by, all ages.

LEGO Marvel Superheroes Title Screen

Title Screen : Screenshot of LEGO Marvel Superheroes on PC

LEGO Marvel Superheroes was developed by the team at TT Games (Traveller’s Tales) and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment back in October of 2013. You can snag this particular title on PC, WiiU, PS3, PS4, XBOX 360, and XBOX One. A handheld version was released on the Playstation Vita, Android, iOS, and the Nintendo DS/3DS, though couch co-op is certainly easier on PC or console. Like the other LEGO titles, this one is rated E for everyone which means it is a perfect option for playing with your younger gamer buddies.


As the title suggests, LEGO Marvel Superheroes follows a story-line that branches through quite a few of the Marvel Franchises. While there is a central baddie, you will face an assortment of villains and anti-heroes throughout. You and your plastic characters will explore plenty of different locations and levels, all designed to utilize the various special abilities that your characters possess. While story-line levels force you to use certain characters for initial play-throughs, you’re given plenty of time in the open-world area to experiment with all of your unlocked team members.

Mr. Fantastic aboard the Helicarrier

Mr. Fantastic aboard the Helicarrier : Screenshot of LEGO Marvel Superheroes on PC

While this game is filled with combat and special powers, everything is comprised of LEGO blocks, which means villains, townsfolk, and heroes alike will never actually die. When a unit is downed, they break into little LEGO pieces! What this creates is a game where losing isn’t exactly an option. If your health depletes, your character will spawn again! That doesn’t mean that the various puzzles present within the game won’t stump you a time or two.

Thor in battle

Thor Battles the baddies : Screenshot of LEGO Marvel Superheroes on PC


This game really shines in the open-world areas. You are able to select any of the unlocked characters you have earned to complete a multitude of side quests and bonus challenges. If you’ve got a favorite Marvel Character, chances are they’re in this game. Some characters are unlocked as you complete story mode, and others by completing tasks. Once a character is available, you can purchase them for permanent use with the in-game currency called studs. You can earn studs by defeating enemies, completing bonus challenges, or even finding them throughout the landscape!

Some unlocked characters for LEGO Marvel Superheroes

Character Select Screen : Screenshot of LEGO Marvel Superheroes on PC

Not only can you create amazing combinations of heroes and villains from all over the Marvel universe, but you can even drive some iconic vehicles around too. Lego Marvel Superheroes lets you get into water vehicles, ground vehicles, and even air vehicles! Unlocked using the same studs you collected for new characters, these vehicles become available at special vehicle call-in points scattered around the open-world. Ever wanted to fly a Quinn Jet, or drive around Tony Stark’s sports car? Now you can!

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I have played this game for many hours, and still only completed nearly 30% of the full game. Granted most of those hours were spent playing with an 11 year old that loved to explore the open-world, but they were enjoyable none-the-less. While the combat is simple, the combination of powers at your fingertips are endless. I personally enjoyed playing as some of the larger characters like Venom, the Hulk, or the Hulkbuster armor. These brutes allow you to sprint through most objects, lift up heavy things, and smash anything that gets in your way.

Hulkbuster lifting a bus

Hulkbuster lifting a bus : Screenshot of LEGO Marvel Superheroes on PC


I highly recommend purchasing this game if you’re a lover of the Marvel universe, LEGOs, or just fun in general. This is the perfect game to get a younger sibling or cousin interested in video games, because you can actually let them play instead of just sitting back to watch! There are some puzzles and challenges throughout the game that will make you think a bit, but nothing so hard as to make you stop playing all together (I’m looking at you Water Temple!). The mixture of LEGO humor, Marvel Characters, and challenging yet forgiving game-play will make this game a cherished part of your collection. Check out the game trailer below!

LEGO Marvel Superheroes Launch Trailer

Have you played LEGO Marvel Superheroes? Comment below with your favorite characters or vehicles! Let us know what other couch co-op games you’d like to see us dive into. We love hearing from the TGON readership, so drop us a line! Check out the TT Games team here, or the LEGO Marvel Superheroes page here!