It’s one of the craziest times of the year for Funko fans. San Diego Comic Con is approaching fast and Funko has started revealing what exclusives to expect. We don’t know which store some of these might be shared, they announce that really close to the start of the convention but it’s a good chance to freak out about your favorite characters.

Wave 1 focused on Animation which we will go over now.


First up is Black Lady from Sailor Moon. This has the limited edition sticker in the corner which means this is likely to be shared with a major retailer. Photo Credit: Funko


Bloody Taarna from Heavy Metal. This is the first Heavy Metal Funko pop in the line. This is Toy Tokyo. Based on Toy Tokyo history this could be very hard or very easy to get. This might also be apart of their everything bundle. Photo Credit: Funko


The main event was Dragon Ball Z! The announcement covered 3 pieces. Gold Vegeta which has everyone freaking out because of the look and it being from Toy Tokyo. Seeing some Toy Tokyo second hand market prices you can understand why. Super Saiyan Broly is up next. This is Broly’s first Funko Pop, and has a limited edition sticker so this will be shared somewhere. Last but not least is Dead Yamcha. This is his first pop, being it’s dead I would imagine it’s the last. Photo Credit: Funko


Potentially an Easter egg reveal for those that were paying attention. If you watched the Funko reveal video you noticed one that didn’t make the reveal page. Metallic Whis is the attendant of Beerus along with his martial arts teacher. This is an amazing sculpt and should be a favorite. Since we have only seen this out of box we are left in the dark of it’s future availability. Photo Credit: Funko

Are you looking forward to any of the Animation reveals? Did they leave something out? We will be back with the next reveal soon!