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Netflix’ New Trailer for “Super Drags” Left a Lot of Questions

As you’ve probably seen, Netflix dropped a trailer for a new animated series, “Super Drags”, which features three ‘drags’ that work together by day and fight evil together by night. Drawing obvious inspirations from Sailor Moon [and subsequently Steven Universe], as well as Powerpuff Girls the art style looks blended and familiar while also wholely unique. Where did Netflix get this unique style? “Super Drags” happens to be the platform’s first original animated program to come out of Brazil!

Super Drags – Netflix
While it hasn’t been given an offficial release date, the “coming soon” from the trailer has people speculating that its release could be used to coincide with Brazil’s inaugural season of its own version of the hit Ru Paul’s Drag Race that willl air in September. We will leave it to others to explain the skyrocket of drag popularity in Brazil that paved the way for such a ground breaking show, but know that drag has existed and developed as a culture in Brazil sincr at least the 60’s, but the revival and new waves that have come through have developed a current, hip drag climate that is even enough draw to bring some of our biggest drag performers to their country.
Fair warning: we are affraid Netflix will make the same mistake they made with Castlevania — where they releae the trailer and cuase hype only to release with a short order of only a few episodes, and cureently only 5 episodes have been ordered. Our fingers are crossed that the show is as good as people hope and it doesn’t become forgotten as a whisper in the Pride month of June.
Super Drags – Netflix

Oh, and we’re calling it now that their “bitchy boss” is probably a main villain, but you can clock us on this prediction later if we’re long. Until then, enjoy the trailer here.

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