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Anita is at work as is pretty usual in the beginning of the book. She is seeing client Tony Bennington. He lost his wife recently and he desperately wants her back. Anita knows love and certainly sympathizes. Unfortunately Mr. Bennington doesn’t want to just raise her to say a final good-bye, he wants to raise her to stay by his side. Not only that but he knows that only Anita can bring Ilsa back looking fully human. However this is at great cost. The sacrifice must be a white goat. What’s the great cost in that you ask? White goat is code for a human sacrifice. Ultimately Anita declines the job and goes to lunch with Micah, Jason and Nathaniel.

A couple weeks later Anita is interviewing another potential client, Natalie Zell. She wants to have her late husband raised to punish him. Again Anita declines the job but not very nicely. She goes to lunch again and at the same restaurant. At the end of lunch Anita is ambushed. Jacob, hired by Mr. Bennyington, shows Anita pictures of Micah, Jason and Nathaniel telling her that she will raise Ilsa or they will die one by one.

Anita is taken out of the resturaunt and to a house. In the mist of this Anita finds out

Laurell K Hamilton


that her lioness is attracted to Jacob and Nicky. She uses this to her advantage and gets them to fight over becoming her mate. Then she goes after Mr. Bennington hoping to stop the job through him. She is stopped by Silas, another werelion. When she wakes up in the cemetery Anita feeds on Nicky to heal. She completely rolls him and he becomes her bride, as in bride of Dracula bride.

Will Anita raise Ilsa? Will her lovers survive? What will become of Nicky? Read the book and let me know your thoughts in the comments below. See you next week!