Timeless is still in limbo long after most shows have been cancelled or renewed as NBC and Sony continue their negotiations (and the fandom continues to campaign for another season of the Time Team fighting a newer, scarier foe: Emma and a hormonal Jessica Logan, who showed her true alliance in the Season Two finale when she kidnapped Jiya and stole the Lifeboat. Oh, and Rufus is still dead. I’m still refusing to believe that, though.

In the meantime, the Timeless Writer’s Room has been feeding the fandom with deleted scenes while we wait for news. Check out all the scenes below!

If you were wondering about this picture, and how Wyatt and Lucy ended up in the pool, this scene answers that question!

Curious about why Emma constantly calls Lucy “Princess?” Here’s a hint: it’s not just because of her mom and dad are big in Rittenhouse!

Are you living for some soft, fluffy Lyatt scenes? Here’s Wyatt tucking Lucy in after she gets back to the bunker in the season premiere:

I know I’m not the only one who enjoys Rufus and Flynn ribbing on each other (honestly throwing Flynn into the team’s dynamics is the best thing they could have done), so check out some extra salt from “Salem Witch Hunt.”

Check out some fun action from “Hollywoodland,” if the sleeper agent’s dad had stayed in the story:

This is for all my Garcy shippers out there who were DYING to know what happened between Flynn, Lucy, and that bottle of vodka after Jessica showed back up! Prepare to swoon and a bashful and smiling former time traveling terrorist, though!

Of course having an episode take place as recently (and as infamous) as 1981 in “The Day Reagan Was Shot” would have some familiar faces!

In the same episode, check out young Agent Christopher trying to decide what she wants her life to be:

Who doesn’t love a moody Wyatt (plus some bonus #winyatt for all the crackshippers out there 😉 )

Not to mention some hard-working Emma, who I need another season with so I can watch her grow:

The last deleted scene from the Timeless Writer’s Room is more a snack than a meal, but we get to see the home team for a moment after Flynn ventures out as part of the team for the first time:

The Twitter account has stopped airing deleted scenes as of today, but they’ve started to tweet out script pages, which, if you’re a Behind the Scenes dork like I am, are still pretty damn cool.



timeless script 1.jpg

You can catch up on Timeless on NBC.com or Hulu and be sure to let NBC know you want them to #RenewTimeless!