The Morrigan

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The Morrigan is what is known as a triple Goddess. She is actually three Goddesses acting as one. She is Anu the Maiden, Danu the Mother and Badb the Crone. She represents women in the three phases in their lives as well as life, death and rebirth. The Morrigan rules the night, magick, war, revenge, prophecy and witches. Her symbols are the crow or raven and she is closely linked with Samhain (aka Halloween).

The Morrigan is featured in pop culture in many different areas now. She is a playable character in the video game Smite. She is a main character in the book series The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel. She has even made it into Marvel Comics on Earth-616. In the video game and the comics she is portrayed as a youthful, beautiful woman. The Morrigan has definitely been depicted as that in mythology. She has also been described as an old woman and in between.

Legend has it that the Morrigan saw Cu Chulainn and fell in love. She tried to seduce him. He rejected her and she doesn’t like it one bit. What’s a Goddess to do when she is spurned? Revenge. She changed shape into a bull, an eel and a wolf. None of this had any affect. She changed into an old woman and was milking a cow when Cu Chulainn finally recognized her. The Morrigan gave him three drinks of the milk which immediately strengthened him. Not long after the met again. She washed his armor. This was a bad

the morrigan

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idea on his part. The next time he was in battle he was critically wounded. He tied himself to a boulder so he would die on his feet. When a crow landed on his shoulder, his comrades knew he was dead.

She didn’t just kill men though. She aided Dagda in his battle. He is the king of the Tuatha de Dananna, the children of Danu (of which she is in fact Danu). She told Dagda where and when the Fomorians would land and brought men to the fight. After the battle she told all of Ireland of it.

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