Hello friends, what is going on?

Welcome back to TGON’s #TBBT corner and this episode made me realize that there is still that charm left in the series! It was goooood. I still feel Bernadette’s character is still the most redundant, even more than Stuart’s!

Anyways, Stuart is really very happy as well as occupied because of a tweet by Neil Gaiman about his store. He had to hire an assistant named Denise to take care of the store, which surprisingly clicks well with Sheldon of all and Amy is really unhappy about it. A must watch part of the episode.

The big theme was the accidental discovery of a comet by Penny in Raj’s telescope, while they were all waiting for Mercury to appear. Penny thinks it’s her discovery as she saw it first and clicked a photo and on the on the other hand, Raj believes it’s his discovery as the whole setup and idea was his. It is amazing to watch what happens next. That was practically all about this episode, but it was more than ‘above par’ keeping in mind the recent episodes we are witnessing.

Stay tuned for more fun stuff.