Photo Source: FOX

Seven days til Jake and Amy’s wedding! Too bad Amy can’t help Jake plan because her and Rosa’s “White Whale”, Sergio, resurfaced in Brooklyn.

It had been seven years since “The Sleuth Sisters” last saw the English Garden-smelling criminal Sergio, so when he reappeared for more money they had to go after him. The got a good lead by finding his mother in a nursing home, but that led Amy to admit to Rosa that she lied about letting Sergio go—which led Rosa to believe it was her fault for all these years. Rosa was visibly mad, which threw them off their sleuthing game a bit—and led Amy to jump off a balcony and dislocate her knee. But they finally realized the disgruntled nurse at the nursing home was sheltering Sergio, so they were able to track him down together.

Back at the 99, Jake and Terry worked to plan all the last minute details for the big day. Jake was worried because he didn’t want to screw anything up and already jinx himself as a good groom/husband, but Terry assured him that as long as he tries, he’ll be great. And honestly, I was pretty jealous because Jake really does seem like an awesome fiancé/future husband. Why are these so hard to find??

Speaking of awesome men, Holt’s female competitor dropped out of the race (after a bit of a power struggle) so the more progressive vote wouldn’t be split between them. So, it’s safe to say Holt may end up as the new NYPD commissioner. If B99 was really about to end (as FOX planned), that would be a nice ending for Holt, but we may end up seeing him in the job! Hopefully he’ll still be involved in some 99 action.

The next episode is our FOX finale! See you then!