It’s crazy to think this movie exists. Sony now shares the Spider-Man character with Marvel after the colossal mess-up that was The Amazing Spider-Man 2, leading to Spider-Man being introduced to the MCU. But Sony still wanted to keep the other Spider-Man characters to themselves for some god-awful reason. As far as anybody is concerned, this movie will not include Peter Parker/Spider-Man or have any connection to the MCU. Check out the trailer below:

The 80s nostalgia is in, but is it too early for 90s nostalgia? Venom feels likes a trip back to 1997 with movies like Spawn or The Crow. It does is a dumbed down version of a superhero movie before The Dark Knight or MCU. The stupid dialogue, odd acting, motorcycle stunts, and not great special effects give it a fun if goofy vibe. How will audiences react to this?

Venom is released October 5th, 2018