Micah is a side book. It is much shorter than most of Ms. Hamilton’s Anita Blake books.

Anita is called to Philadelphia to reanimate a dead federal witness. Larry was supposed to go but his wife Tammy is having complications with her pregnancy and Larry must stay in St. Louis to take care of her. No big deal, just another routine raising of zombie. Well, not so much. Because of the power increase, Anita worries she will raise the entire graveyard by mistake. No to mention, something doesn’t seem to jive on the witness reanimating.

At one time in Anita’s life, if she had to go out of town for work, she just packed and went. Now, those days are gone. She must bring food. I’m not talking a sandwich and chips or even steak and eggs. I am talking about the Arduer. Anita must consider a retinue so that she has enough powerful food that she can feed the Arduer and no one will die. In this case, she’s only gone overnight so one should be enough. Micah is the one to go. He sets up the lodging arrangements and when they get to the hotel Anita goes little nuts because they are romantic.

Micah and Anita have a spat largely because Anita picks things apart until they go BOOM! In the course of their argument, Anita learns that Micah has survivor’s guilt because the attack that caused him to turn furry once a month left some of his family dead. He also feels guilty because he accidentally hurt a lover once and doesn’t want to do that to Anita causing her to reject him as many other women have. She also learns it is hard to be the man in the relationship with her because she is so macho and doesn’t let the man do stuff for her because she can do it herself.

Can Anita and Micah work out their problems? What happens with the zombie raising? Let me know what you think in the comments below.