Ant-Man Wasp Trailer 2 13

Ant-Man and The Wasp! Photo taken via screenshot from the trailer.

A brand new trailer for Ant-Man and The Wasp is here! Have you seen it yet? Yes? No? Well, let’s just watch it again anyway.

Let’s break it down shall we?

– Opening shot of Scott with his daughter as she asks about his superhero career.
– Really neat shot of Giant Man physically steering a flatbed.
– Scott telling his daughter he hasn’t been Ant-Man for long. It just sort of happened.
– We see a continuation of the flatbed sequence as Ant-Man pushes it as he chases the white and gold Cadillac. Inside of that Cadillac you can see Sunny Burch (Walton Goggins) holding the miniaturized Pym Lab in his hands.
– Ant-Man effortlessly swats the henchman gun away and smashes the Cadillac to the side.
– “I wish I could fight bad guys like you!”
– Scott is feeling remorse for messing up so much.
– Great shot of Giant Man as he forces the speeding flatbed to a halt—including a funny shot from within a cafe as it happens.
– “Maybe you just need someone watching your back?” I second that.
– A completely badass scene as Wasp kicks the ass of everyone in the black SUV.
– Wasp walking with swagger.
– Luis and his crew talking to Hank Pym about what happened to him with the quantum realm.
– Shot of Hank pressing a green button. Now we see a big machine that may be what Hank is using to open up the Quantum Realm.

Ant-Man Wasp Trailer 2 5

Some awesome special effects at play in what could be the Quantum Realm. Photo taken via screenshot from the trailer.

– Great shots of unidentifiable people in Quantum Realm. Some really cool looking effects in play.
– Luis suggests Hank’s playing with the Quantom realm is how the film’s villain, Ghost, stole his tech.
– Great shot of Ghost as she walks through walls (and stuff).
– Ghost is seen kicking Scott through several layers of wall.
– Awesome shots of Ghost seeing her powers possibly for the first time, and a building explodes. The cause seems to be her powers. Luis’ voiceover, however, doesn’t really help give us an indication into what her motivations are.
– Hope and Hank surrounded in a field by what looks to be an entire army.
– Luis reveals that the whole team has come to them in their hour of need.
– Luis comedically reminding Hank that they robbed him.
– Good ol’ Scott smirk.
– Hank talking to Hope. The only chance they have, is with the both of them.
– The Wasp suit enlarging.
– Ghost looking ghostly.
– Scott and Hope, both in costume, looking at something. Hope seems to be particularly emotionally unsettled by whatever it is. Could this be her seeing her mother?
– Wasp kicking ass in the lobby.
– “Ant-Man and The Wasp, teaming up!”
– They both jump into action, as Hope tries to be the leader.
– More of that awesome kitchen fight sequence from the first trailer. New salt shaker gag included.
– Scott and Hank commenting how just how good Hope is at all of this.

Ant-Man Wasp Trailer 2 10

A giant ant playing electronic drums. You know, the usual. Photo taken via screenshot from the trailer.

– A giant ant playing electronic drums. If you look closely, you can see presumably Scott’s ankle monitor on his leg.
– Ant-Man jumping into action.
– Ant-Man’s ride about to be devoured by a seagull.
– Wasp zooming into action.
– Something with wings zooming past Scott (?) in the quantum realm. Safe to assume it could be Janet, who they are looking for.
– Ghost confronting the both of them. Funny quipping between Scott and Hope.
– The Pym lab—likely unintentionally—enlarging in a parking lot.
– Wasp avoiding a tomato smasher.
– A very quick shot of Ant-Man and The Wasp fighting a goon. If you look closely, not only is that the old Ant-Man suit, but that’s also the old red Wasp suit. This could be a flashback scene featuring Hank and Janet in action.
– Ghost phasing through an SUV as she kicks someone off a bike.
– Cool extended sequence as Luis and Hope navigate a car crash while tiny and the big.
– “We were just tiny!”
– Bill Foster talking about the Goliath program. Scott shows off the fact that he can hold a bigger size.
– Slightly extended scene from the first trailer as Giant Man overlooks the ferry that Sunny is on.
– Dick jokes!

Ant-Man Wasp Trailer 2 8

A fantastic shot of our movie’s villain: Ghost. Photo taken via screenshot from the trailer.

I thought this trailer was excellent, and really fun. It will surely be a great tonal refresher after the emotional power house that was Infinity Wars. Everything in the film just looks plain fun, and the action sequences look exhilarating and excellently pieced together—with some terrific effects to bring it all together. Evangeline Lilly is killing it as The Wasp, and I truly can’t wait to see both her and Scott in action.
Bonus note: the song choice for the trailer was excellent.

What did you guys think about the trailer? Are you excited?  Make sure to leave your thoughts down below in the comment! With Avengers: Infinity War having just come out, I also must ask that you guys keep any spoilers from that off the comment section.

Marvel’s Ant-Man & The Wasp releases in theaters nationwide on July 6th, 2018.