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Happy Tuesday everyone! This week Thor becomes a horse solider. 12 Strong is the pick of the week.


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In the wake of Sept. 11, Capt. Mitch Nelson leads a U.S. Special Forces team into Afghanistan for an extremely dangerous mission. Once there, the soldiers develop an uneasy partnership with the Northern Alliance to take down the Taliban and its Al Qaeda allies. Outgunned and outnumbered, Nelson and his forces face overwhelming odds in a fight against a ruthless enemy that takes no prisoners. – Warner Brothers Pictures

For a moment when 12 Strong came out it was my favorite movie of the year, since then other movies have come out and dethroned it but nonetheless 12 Strong is a highly enjoyable film about a remarkable true story. This movie has a star studded cast lead by Chris Hemsworth, this a very well-acted film with incredible chemistry among the cast. When watching this film, you really get a since of camaraderie from all the members of Chris Hemsworth’s team. 12 Strong is full of well shot and directed action making this an entertaining film with a powerful true story that will leave you with a certain since of patriotism.

Included with the Blu-ray:

  • Blu-ray Disc
  • DVD
  • Digital HD
  • Special Features
    • 12 Strong: The Making of an Impossible Mission
    • Monumental Effort: Building America’s Response Monument

You can buy 12 Strong here.

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