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We start this episode with Barbara who is admiring herself on the painting next to Ra’s al Ghul in the League of Shadows vault. Suddenly she is being attacked by ninjas. She tries her best to hold them off, but they get a hold of her. When they remove their masks it is revealed that they are the women of the League of Shadows putting Barbara through a test. The Demon’s Head should have given her a heads up that they were about to attack because the wearer of the Demon’s Head is able to see the past, present, and future. Because Barbara could be captured, the powers haven’t surfaced yet.

Gotham S04E19 - 'To our deaths and beyond'

GOTHAM: L-R: Jessica Lucas, Camren Bicondova and David Mazouz in the “A Dark Knight: To Our Deaths and Beyond” episode of GOTHAM airing Thursday, April 19 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: FOX

Somewhere else in Gotham, Selina and Bruce are driving in Bruce his new car to Tabitha. She has asked them to come over to discuss some things. When the three of them enter the building it turns out to be a setup to get Bruce there. Selina has unaware led Bruce to the remaining League of Shadows still loyal to Ra’s al Ghul. Tabitha wants to save Barbara and she thinks that bringing Ra’s al Ghul back to life will give him his powers back and out of Barbara. With the help of the blood of his killer, Bruce, and a ritual, Ra’s is brought back to life. But as soon as he wakes up he is pissed that they brought him back to life. It took him years of planning to find someone who was able to kill him and he just wanted some peace. They tell him what is going on with Barbara and that she is not worthy of having the Demon’s Head. Ra’s agrees to take it back, but in order to do so, Barbara has to give it to him. If she refuses the only option is to kill her and take the Demon’s Head from her dead body.

Gotham S04E19 - 'To our Deaths and beyond'

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Ra’s goes to the Leagues headquarters and finds Barbara in the vault casually drinking a martini. Ra’s tells here that he is very disappointed in her and that she doesn’t have enough big plans in which she can use the power the Demon’s Head gives her. Her main goal is to rule Gotham like a queen, or even better like a goddess. Ra’s is not satisfied with these plans, he finds that the power is destined for greater things. But Barbara is still convinced that it is her destiny to have the Demon’s Head, she is even portrayed on the painting in the vault. When he hears that statement, Ra’s starts to laugh and says that it was just a whore he later killed out of pity. They end up in a fight because Barabara doesn’t voluntarily want to give up the powers. The League of Shadows comes to help her, but Ra’s is skilled and kills a lot of them. With the help of one of the remaining League Members, they can escape the house and Barbara is picked up by Bruce and Tabitha in Bruce his car.

Gotham S04E19 - 'To our deaths and beyond'

GOTHAM: L-R: Jessica Lucas and David Mazouz in the “A Dark Knight: To Our Deaths and Beyond” episode of GOTHAM airing Thursday, April 19 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: FOX

At Wayne Manor, Barbara, Tabitha, Selina, Bruce and Alfred make up a plan to kill Ra’s since Barbara doesn’t want to give back the Demon’s Head. She feels like she should be the one killing Ra’s with the mystical knife and that the event will trigger the full powers of the Demon’s Head. But Bruce almost insists it needs to be him because he has already killed Ra’s once. They can’t seem to agree on it, so the first thing they do is get the knife back. Bruce has gifted it to the embassy where it is being stored. So Alfred and Tabitha go there to ask very nicely if they can have it back. The embassy employee doesn’t want to give it away since it was never Bruce nor Alfred’s to keep. When the employee insults Tabitha, Alfred pretends to get pissed and that he gets a heart attack due to the stress. When everyone is busy helping him, Selina comes in from the roof and steals the knife. After she has the knife, Tabitha and Alfred walk out like nothing happened.

When all of them get back to the cars, Selina has to make the decision between who she will give the knife, Barbara or Bruce. But when Barbara points a gun at Alfred, Selina has no choice but to give the knife to Barbara. After which, Selina reluctantly gets in Bruce’s car and her, Tabitha and Barbara drive off. They drive back to The Sirens club where Barbara wants to summon Ra’s with her flashy hand and then kill him with the knife. However, she did call the League of Shadows for backup. But Selina starts to doubt this plan, she thinks it’s better if Bruce would kill Ra’s. When Barbara doesn’t want to change her plan, she walks out but Tabitha is still fully behind Barbara. Selina goes to Bruce to tell him that she was wrong. She only wanted Barbara to have the knife cause if there was anything Barbara could do with it, Bruce didn’t have to kill again. Selina went to Bruce because she is scared that Tabitha and Barbara might get themselves killed with this plan.

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At The Sirens Club, Ra’s has appeared and he and Barbara end up in a fight after Barbara stabs him in his heart, without any effect. Halfway through the fight, when Barbara is about to lose, Bruce and Selina come in. Bruce hits Ra’s on the head but that doesn’t have any effect. Somehow Ra’s gets the upper hand and stabs Barbara in the back. So we think that Barbara is about to die, but the stabbing triggers the full Powers of the Demon’s Head and the stabbing was a vision of the future. When we get back to the present time, she is able to hold him off when he comes for her. Then Ra’s targets Tabitha and holds the knife to her neck. A flash forward shows Barbara that if she refuses to give up the Demon’s Head head, Tabitha will die. Because she knows that she doesn’t have a chance, she gives Ra’s the Demon’s Head back. This gives Ra’s his nice face back, instead of his skull face. Bruce offers to kill him again, but Ra’s says it’s not his day to die and snaps the knife in half before disappearing. Later when the rest has returned to The Sirens Club, the female members of the League of Shadows come to see Barbara. Even if she doesn’t have the Demon’s Head anymore, they still decide to follow her.

Gotham S04E19 - 'To our deaths and beyond'

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At Wayne Manor, Bruce wants to get right back to work to find Ra’s and to get the knife somehow fixed. Selina is with him and tells him to take it easy. Gotham has managed to survive for a very long time without him, an extra night would hurt. Just when they are about to kiss, they get interrupted by Ra’s al Ghul who just appeared in the middle of the room. He wanted to give Bruce an explanation of why he decided to live. He saw a vision of a cataclysmic event (fire everywhere) that will soon devastate the city and he wants to shape Bruce after that into a “dark knight of Gotham.” If he survives that is.

At the GCPD headquarters, Gordon and Bullock are investigating the robbery of five banks, which all happened in the same night. They immediately suspect Nygma due to the sophistication of the robberies. They don’t know how half right they are because it is not only Nygma who robbed the banks. Together with Lee, he executed the robberies to help the people of the Narrows get some more money in their pockets. Just when they are discussing their next targets, Penguin and Butch walk in willing to participate. The two of them need money, Penguin for paying all of Sofia Falcone’s men to return to him and Butch for the cure of his condition by Hugo Strange. Penguin offers to split the profit in half, but Lee refuses and says that she doesn’t want to work with them. With the way Nyma behaves around Lee, Penguin finds out that Nygma still admires Lee, though he was supposed to get past that when he became The Riddler and that Lee is using him.

Gotham S04E19 - 'To our deaths and beyond'

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Straight from the GCPD, Gordon arrives at Lee’s place asking where Nygma is. She is unwilling to cooperate and the more Gordon starts to think about, the more he finds it likely that Lee is in on the robbings. But she doesn’t tell him anything and shows him the door. After Nygma had an internal discussion with the ‘old’ him, he agrees to take Penguin and Butch with him on the next robberies and that he can give them 100 million per person. He only has one tiny condition, and that is that Penguin will help him get rid of Lee. When Gordon is back at the GCPS, he and Bullock are questioning the head of the robbed banks. She tells them that the security protocol has been activated and that all the assets were moved to a secure location, which so it happens to be the same place that is about to get robbed. Nygma and Lee take out the guards in the bank with sleeping darts, but then Nygma betrays lee when Penguin and Butch arrive. Nymga lets Penguin and Butch collect the money out of the fault, but then he betrays them himself. All so he can prove his love for Lee.

She might not feel the same about him now, but she will and then he will be there for her. The GCDP shows up during this intimate moment and Lee will distract the GCPD so Nygma can drive away at the back with the money, straight to The Narrows. As the truck drives away from the back, Lee voluntary walks out of the front door and gets arrested by Gordon.



GOTHAM: L-R: Morena Baccarin and Ben McKenzie in the “A Dark Knight: To Our Deaths and Beyond” episode of GOTHAM airing Thursday, April 19 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: FOX


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