In DARK’s penultimate days the bigger picture of this puzzle is finally beginning to take form as the three timelines are connected. At the beginning of this series we were all captivated by Winden and it’s characters; their flaws, their complexities, and we now marvel at the intricacies of these characteristics. Each trait, no matter how insignificant it may seem, all adds to the exceptionally well-timed facets of this plot. Not only are each of these characters completely thought out; their flaws, their motives etc, each of these aspects connects them together. From H.G. Tannhaus and his time machine, for example, which was inspired by  iPhone left behind by a stranger from the future, or Ulrich who, in his manic state, went back in time attempting to murder a young Helge Doppler and in doing-so, may have set Helge’s path with Noah in motion. Helge’s disappearance struck a grief from his abusive mother who, in her repentance, tips Noah off to young Helge’s quandary. And so, one action leads to the other, it is all connected ~ these timelines need each other to co-exist.


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So many things are influenced by cause and effect in this plotline and mysteries that we have been questioning week after week are finally beginning to make sense. For example Egon Tiedemann’s obsession with the young Ulrich Nielsen in 1986. Up until this point I wasn’t sure why he so strongly had it out for the young boy, especially after his brother’s disappearance, but as we discover in this episode Egon’s notorious “hunch” towards Ulrich may be down to his memories of arresting the adult Ulrich on suspicion of the kidnapping and murder of young boys back in 1953.

The same can be said of Noah. He was such an exclusivity at the beginning of the story but the timelines have allowed us to see the origins of this evil character. We come to understand that Noah is the ex-husband to Agnes and father to Tronte Nielson, (Ulrich’s father), making Noah Ulrich’s own grandfather. Perhaps his family’s flee away from him is what sparked the curse of the Neilson family and what, in turn sparked his interest in the little town of Winden. We also learn through his encounters with Helge that he has given himself the name Noah because his goal is to build an “ark” ~ a machine by which humanity can sail through the wormhole and create a better world within a Godless universe. And, in turn, we see the reasoning behind Helge’s dedication to Noah. We can begin to understand that through the trauma of his attack and the continued abuse of his mother why Helge may be so easily manipulated. It is nothing more than mere manipulation from Noah that moulds Helge into an ally despite the nature of Noah’s cause, simply by scaring Helge into belief of a world without God ~ (Reminiscent of the psychology surrounding cult leaders.)


Source: DARK Netflix

Yet in spite of all of these flaws and their influencing of cause and effect, this was an emotional turning point of an episode. From Ulrich, maddened with grief, deeply believing that he has changed the events of the future (or his past) as he’s carted away by Egon for the murders of the children, murders he thought he had prevented through his actions is truly heartbreaking. I give Ulrich a lot of grief for his behaviour but at his soul he is merely a father, grieving for his son and so this scene was deeply disheartening. 

And then, of course we have Hannah’s lies, lies that have made their way from the past to the present and are continuing to weave their way into the future. The pain they have caused and continue to cause is saddening. It is equally distressing to see 1986 Helge’s head sink and his hands drift involuntarily to his crotch when Egon comes calling like the little boy we saw in 1953 getting yelled at by his mother.  Each character is somehow involved with another timeline and that is the source of their pain, but with all these connections and links between worlds cracks are bound to form and perhaps this is what these aspects of misery are.

Nevertheless I cannot deny that DARK just keeps getting better and better! I am excited to see this seasons finale next week.

Rating: 9:6/10


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