“Pool Hopping” was about something other than swimming pools. Which confused me when I first read through the description of the episode, but I digress.

This episode was lovely to watch, if only to witness the way in which Garnet received a strong storyline centered around herself as a Gem, rather than about her seperate makeup as Ruby and Sapphire.

Garnet is seen throughout the episode challenging the reach of her future vision, as she works briefly at the Big Donut, and helps deliver pizzas to the cityfolk with Steven’s assistance. This patchwork of interactions delivering pizza to Petey, Mr. Smiley, and others made me think back to the quest you as a player were able perform in the Steven Universe video game Save the Light.


created by Blair, TGON – Steven Universe – Cartoon Network

The last of the pizzas was delivered to none other than Vidalia’s house, where Garnet briefly wonders how she’s holding up with her son being in space. Steven is gobsmacked by this reference, seeing as Lars Barriga is the one fighting in a rebellion against Homeworld with the Off Colors, as Garnet mentions she must have gotten these two possiblities mixed up within her future vision.

My favorite joke of the episode had to been when Vidalia screamed in surprise as Garnet and Steven arrived, clutching a copy of the Scream painting with her visage in the center rather than the man screaming in the original. And Garnet exclaiming, “Paint me like one of your Amethysts.” is a perfect nod to the fact that Amethyst has often been Vidalia’s muse in her paintings, and a possibile insinuation to Jack painting portraits of Rose during the Titanic.

This painting scene is quickly interrupted as Garnet and Steven follow a one-eyed kitten into the woods, discovering a larger group of kittens hiding in the bushes from the rain. It is here that Garnet reveals to Steven how overwhelmed she’s felt, trying to guide the team, while also feeling as though she can’t predict anything accurately. It makes sense that she hadn’t considered Steven’s actions in Homeworld and beyond, because he decided to give himself up and eventually make his way back to Earth completely on his own, without consulting the Crystal Gems.

I loved that this episode helped to connect Garnet and Steven in a completely different way, with Garnet understanding Steven has grown up, and Steven reassuring her in his own way that she doesn’t have to carry her responsibilities alone.

You can’t deny that Cat Steven being adopted by Garnet and that epic portrait of Garnet and Steven are splendid ways to end another episode of Steven Universe.

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