Tandy tells the group that he killed Carl, but that he doesn’t even remember pulling the trigger. He thinks he must have discharged early. (Note: he didn’t pull the trigger and he didn’t kill Carl. Carl solved the Rubik’s Cube, which happened to be a bomb, and that bomb exploded, killing Carl.) He describes the crime scene to everyone, saying the top half is completely demolished, but the bottom half is still in tact. He turns to walk away, and we see his back drenched in Carl’s blood and guts.

tandy splattered in carl.png

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At Carl’s funeral, Todd sings a slower rendition of Hungry Eyes. Tandy buries Carl’s remains in two separate caskets to represent the two sides of Carl: “One side was solid, kinda together. The other side was just a friggin’ mess.” The first casket has the intact legs, and the second has a bag of loose remains scraped up from the living room. Tandy wishes Carl a nice trip to hell. He kindly jokes that Carl is probably already feasting on Bill Cosby’s gallbladder. (Which caused many of us to try to remember if Bill Cosby died. He didn’t, but this is a futuristic show where almost every human on earth has died from The Virus.) Gail thanks Tandy for saving them from Carl. She’s proud of how much Tandy has changed. This burst of appreciation from Gail baffles Tandy. He had written a speech thanking and praising himself, but he rips it up.

two casket carl.png

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Tandy and Carol discuss how taken aback they were at Gail’s speech. Both were incredibly speechless, and see this as a huge breakthrough, since Gail usually hated Tandy. Carol speculates that if Tandy keeps it up, Gail could go from being his mother-in-law to mother-in-awe. Tandy says he wants to be the Best Tandy he can be simply because it feels good.

speechless tandy

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Todd sets up a blanket and pillow on a chair in the living room for Melissa to sleep on. He tells her that it’s the Liars’ Couch. When she comments that it’s a chair, not a couch, he congratulates her on knowing what it’s like to be lied to. Melissa apologizes for lying about knowing where Jasper was. She just didn’t want them to lose Jasper all together by not giving him his space with a lifeline. Todd hugs his wife and apologizes. However, when Todd asks where Jasper is and Melissa still won’t tell him, he’s back to anger.

liars couch

Tandy cleans and mops up Carl. Gail and Erica marvel at this, while Carol looks proud. Gail notices that even the way Tandy speaks has changed. Instead of the obnoxious speech that is deeply associated with Tandy, he’s talking like a regular human. Gail tries to set him up by asking if they have any creamer. She’s expecting his response to be “Creamer? I hardly know her!” but he just says that they don’t have any.

senor clean

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Melissa packs food to take to Jasper. Todd, angry and daydrinking, asks Melissa to take him to Jasper, but she says no once again. On the way to her car, Melissa runs into Tandy tying old, dirty diapers to balloons to take them away from the mansion. Melissa thinks it’s an incredibly dumb idea. Gail likes the idea and the two continue filling balloons together.

releasing diaper balloons

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Melissa drives to see Jasper, but Todd is hiding in the back of Melissa’s car. Melissa tells Jasper that the others found out that she knows where he is. She promises she won’t tell them where he is and that she’ll keep bringing him Poptarts. Todd listens to their conversation and returns to the car. When Melissa goes to leave, she sees Todd by her car. She’s angry he followed her. Todd says he’s finally realized that Jasper doesn’t trust him the way he trusts Melissa. Todd observes that it’s funny that he wants to be a dad, but is no good at it, while Melissa doesn’t want to be a mom, but she’s great at it.

secret melissa and jasper

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Tandy brings wine to Gail to continue the bonding. Once tipsy, they start taking ‘shots’ of helium from a balloon. Gail gets serious and tells Tandy she’s having a nice time. Tandy tears up and says it means a lot to hear her say that. His brother, Mike, was the favorite child in his family. He’s never had a parent that proud of him, so his stepmother’s approval makes him emotional. Gail rests her hand on Tandy’s and says that after all they’ve been through, they’re more than friends. She’s meaning family, but Tandy takes it as a come-on and excuses himself from the room.

gail hand touch

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Later, while Carol is talking to Gail about Bezequille’s birthmark, Tandy bursts in and announces that Gail, Carol’s mother, wants to have sex with him. The whole long confrontation is awkward and unnecessary. Gail calls him an idiot and leaves. Carol tells her husband that it seems he misunderstood something.

awk carol and gail

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Melissa decides that she wants Todd to have a baby. Todd is ecstatic and wants to get to baby-making, but Melissa doesn’t mean that he’s going to have a baby with her. She doesn’t want to be a mom, but will compromise and be the wife of a man who has a kid. Todd is confused, but we skip ahead to the two of them formally asking Erica if she’ll have Todd’s baby.

interviewing erica

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Knowing Erica, she’ll feel weird about the proposition, but will she go through with it anyway? Will other candidates be approached? Tune into FOX for The Last Man on Earth!