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Fresh Off the Boat’s Season 4 Finale “King in the North” was a Warm Send Off

The season 4 finale was an impressive culmination of everything this season has rooted itself in: learning to be a good friend, embracing diversity and the journey supporting it, and the struggles of family. The finale even mamaged to pull off the three storyline trap that had been hit and miss for most of the season, but in this episode it helped the finale feel dense with content and provided a satisfying end to the season (and possibly finale).

Fresh off The Boat ABC
On that note, it almost feels as if the series creators are prepared for this to be their final episode and two things heavily point towards this possibility. Firstly, the ending dialogue with Louis complimenting Jessica on “making it” with her books release (and “quote” from Steven King) and reminiscing about their family’s journey from series start to finish and being proud of their success. Secondly, it brought Eddie’s journey full circle from learning who he is and carving out his position at school, to then being a pillar for Nicole when she faced diversity. By taking Eddie from the brink of friendless at the beginning of the season, to his group’s formal dance attendance and even making him yje cornerstone of unity, guidance, and support we easily see his emotional growth, which is compounded by the earlier episode where Evan underestimated his maturity, only to discover Eddie is more of a mom-friend.
Fresh off The Boat ABC
From a brighter angle, we are glad Grandma Huang is not moving out and will stay with the family, because episodes just aren’t as fun without her, and honestly that family still needs her as a voice of reason and watchful matriarch. We are also proud of the scenea of Eddie fighting gender norms in solidarity with Nicole, and even them standing their ground against the PTA and hanging out in the parking lot then having ZERO game when flirting, just how kids should be. Even Jessica’s absence for her trip with Honey to stalk Stephen King? and Louis’ more tame involvement still felt appropriate and satisfying. Even if it ends up being a series send off we are content and proud of the series and will have An American Tale flashbacks for months to come.

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