Have you always loved comics as a kid or an adult? Have you always wanted a collection that you can be proud of? If the answer is yes to both of these questions, then you’re at the right place. Being a comic book collector is not being a hoarder, you are the mother/father to these books and they are your babies. Here are my tips on how to start planning your comic book collection family and continue to grow it.

1.) Be A Fan
This is common sense of course, but you have to be a fan of comics to make collecting them a lot more interesting. If you’re a fan of a certain series, your mission to grow that collection will be more focused on finding the missing comics to that series. For example, I’m a sucker for DC Comics so my main focus is to purchase DC Comics. If you go to a comic book store and ask for a certain series it will be easy for you to pick out what you already don’t have.

2) Buy, Sell, And Trade

It’s important to be careful who and where you purchase your comics from because you don’t want to end up with something that you don’t like. If you like to collect different series of comics, then it’s great. I say this because there have been situations when I purchased a lot of comics online and when they got to me, I found out that I didn’t like all of them. Before deciding to sell, I read them to see if the book captures my interest. If not I trade mines with someone else and in return I get what I want. A lot of comic book collectors are selling online that why it is important to read every bit of the description before purchasing anything. Always read what condition it is in so that you won’t get something that you didn’t really want to pay for them. You can buy comics from a comic book store, online (Ebay&Amazon is where I get mine), or on other seller apps such as letgo, offer up, or craigslist.


3) Maintain A Great Condition

If you worked hard on your comic book collection, you don’t want to see it destroyed. Comics are my weakness so if anyone destroys them, it’s time to fight. There can be a time when you want to trade your comics, but the trader won’t accept them if it’s not in a good condition. Mint condition is preferred so anything less than that probably won’t sell as well. The comics should be out of reach for any sticky fingers, wandering babies, or people who won’t handle them with care.


4) Protect Them

Your beautiful comics should be protected like anything else that you love. I strongly suggest that you get covers for your comics so that you won’t have to worry about any random spills and stains on them. If you’re a munching page turner make sure you aren’t feeding the comic book chip dust. If you decide to sell or trade your comics the consumer isn’t going to want to see last months Cheeto dust. Most comic book collectors place their comics in white cardboard storage containers. I personally don’t like that so, I have a steel file cabinet with a lock for mine, just to be safe. I cringe at the thought of having a flood in my house or any other accidents that can ruin my hard work, so I do what’s best for me. I guess it’s a comic book phobia.