Chapter Seventy-Six

Photo Source: The CW // Jane The Virgin

Let’s jump right, shall we? Because I’m sure you want to talk about the part that started with the above photo!

Finally, Jane and Rafael told their family they’re together. They were expecting fireworks, tears, and excitement…but instead they got laughs from Alba, Ro, and Xo…who had already figured them out. But Mateo? His heart glowed for the first time when his parents told him. Jane cried. I cried. It was a beautiful moment. While they were a bit hesitant to tell Petra at first, she didn’t actually care too much. You know, she’s being framed for a murder and is crushing hard on J.R. So Jafael is now free to be happy and in love, which they are. But Jane revealed to Raf at the end of the episode that she doesn’t want Michael to feel like “just a step on my path back to you”. Rafael assured her that her love story with Michael was beautiful AND now they can have a beautiful love story too. More tears ensued…from Jane…and from me.

Onto everyone’s new ship, Jetra 2.0. The chemistry was super steamy this week! To keep up a cover with the mysterious people (person?) blackmailing J.R, she had to make it look like she seduces Petra. Which of course, Petra was totally into. Part of this storyline had a happy ending: Jetra hooked up for real; part of it does not: The mysterious blackmailer threatened J.R.’s sick mother.

So, at the end of last week’s episode, Xo went into her handsome male dancing friend’s house. Leading us to believe she was cheating on Rogelio. Luckily, Xiomara has abandoned some of her older, more reckless behaviors. It turns out, she was secretly rehearsing for a dance competition. After some interesting growth in her relationship with Rogelio, we see her at the competition, as her family looks on proudly. Her partner drops her and she ends up in the hospital. Sadly, though, a broken rib was not all they found: it looks as though Xiomara has breast cancer.

This is a telenovela after all…things have been going too well for the Villanuevas lately.