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A man calls 911 and he’s been shot!

Flashback to a year ago and the team (Bobby and Hen) trying to resuscitate a woman who has hanged herself. Turns out her husband is abusive emotionally and physically. But low and behold, the man who called 911 is the abusive husband. He was trying to blow up the tree his wife hung herself from. So he ties explosives to the tree and shoots to detonate it and ends up shooting himself via ricochet from said tree. Karma’s a bitch.

Another 911 call comes in and the team responds to a man burning up. At first, the dispatcher mistakes it for a fever but the caller explains when the team arrives. And we find a man basically cooking in the tanning bed. The 911 caller was an employee and she told her Karma’s a bitch after he left his dog baking in his truck while he works out. Coincidence? I think not. “This little thing called karma!”

Next story is “porch package thief”. Lady stealing packages off her porch and falls. She calls 911 and the team shows up. The lady is rushing Hen and Chim to take her to the hospital because she is found on the ground of the house she was stealing get from. Then Athena pulls up and tells the lady she is gonna be arrested for Grand larceny. While on the call Athena runs into Hen and the get to talking about relationship problems between her and Michael. Hen breaks it down and tells her she has a big responsibility because of the kids. And she hates her husband the kids will hate their dad.

While this is all going on we learn a bit more about Bobby’s demons. He is trying to atone for the lives that were lost due to the fire he caused. He killed 148 people and has saved 62. And he still feels that it is not enough. So, chum talks him into donating blood for a fundraiser ad Bobby is terrified of needles. In the end, he winds up donating and gets some awesome news. His blood is life-giving and he will be able to save many more lives. But Bobby is NOT happy about having to stay without his wife and kids because he planned do end his life after he atoned for those lives he took. Chim shows him exactly what his good deed is doing, saving lives. And while it may be hard to stay there is a higher calling for him.

The next story and I just don’t understand why people make the decisions they do when it comes wild animals. But that’s just me. Yeah, I agree with the cat. Tiger ate up the man throwing pinecones at him. Turns out this dentist killed someone and in turn he was killed as well. However, signs say don’t taunt the animals.

Athena and Hen are both having relationship troubles. Hen finally revealed that she slept with Eva and Athena advises her to come clean because only then can she truly know how strong their marriage is. Athena is also told by her children that they don’t want to continue lying about their marriage and the truth is better. So she has to come to a decision too. Which is the inevitable. She takes the first step and expresses her feelings to Michael. But she like all women puts her children first. And ending things is better than ending up with hatred in her heart for him. She loves hi, but she has to let him go and while it hurts it’s the best decision for everyone.

Hen has finally worked up the courage to tell but before she can tell her wife. She thrusts lawsuit papers to her for custody of Denny. And that the suit is based on an unfit home because Hen slept with Eva. And Hen fell for it lock, stock, and barrel. She is shocked and her wife takes Denny and goes to her parents house. I kinda feel like that is what she gets, karma. However, not sure how Eva is so extremely stable just having gotten out of jail but I’m not a show writer.

So I’ll be looking forward to Hen and Athena’s situations. And that wench Eva.