Powdered Toast Man and Andrea Boyungs at ECCC 2018 Image Source: Andrea

I sat next to the Dread Pirate Roberts today. He is not as fearsome as one would think. I think I blushed because he still says “As you wish” when a lady makes a request.

My time at ECCC was overwhelming, stunning and magical. I saw witches and wizards, superheroes and villains, aliens and animals and some thoughts and ideas made into reality. I met the Sanderson Sisters, Frank from Donnie Darko, Powdered Toast Man and even R2-D2. I saw so many more than I can name. I loved that there were characters from movies, comics, books, cartoons and TV shows. If you could think of a character, you could find them.

The outfits were absolutely amazing. The creativity that went into it is awe-inspiring, attention to detail is obvious and the end result is jealousy inducing. Some of the simplest ones were the best produced. I have never really wanted to wear wigs but now I can see the fun in them. The outfits are made from all kinds of materials. I was totally impressed by the Sanderson Sisters, Winnifred even had her teeth! Professors Moody and Dumbledore were spot on. Zatanna was beautiful as were the Disney Princesses I saw.

I was surprised how everyone you asked to take a picture with was so incredibly accommodating. Not one person said no to a request for a photo, attendee or vendor alike. Obviously for the stars, some you had to pay for but that is to be expected. Not one person rolled their eyes at me which helped me overcome my shyness. I took as many pictures as I could think to.

When I go back next year I plan to dress up. Who did you see that made you excited? Let me know in the comment section below.


Professors Moody and Dumbledore with Andrea Boyungs ECCC 2018 Image Source: Andrea