Welcome back speedsters. Season 4 of the Flash is finally in the homestretch and before you know it May will be here with it’s season finale. “Subject 9” featured a lot of moving parts to the core story of Team Flash vs DeVoe and little of anything else. Even an important character was MIA during the events of this episode. So lets get down to business shall we?

Subject 9 picks up immediately after Barry is freed from prison and tries to get back to life as normal at CCPD, but due being committed of murder and the uneasiness of his fellow coworkers with working with him. Barry is placed on leave until the heat dies down and Barry can prove to everyone that DeVoe wasn’t at all murdered in a city full of metahumans. So instead, Barry focuses all of his time at Star Labs with Team Flash and trying to track down any more bus-metas that DeVoe created and finally stop him. They end up using Cisco’s vibe powers to find the Fiddler who turns out to be DeVoe’s next target. Elsewhere, remember how I said that as DeVoe swaps bodies and gains new powers he’s slowly loosing his mind? Well it turns out that it is a central plot point that was mentioned by DeVoe’s wife and may just play into DeVoe’s downfall. But sadly, Team Flash isn’t aware of this and fully believe DeVoe to be in control of his mind just like he is with all the other powers he gained.

Thirdly, two other side stories are presented this week. One ties into the main plot and the other isn’t as much important compared to the character chemistry is gave off. The one that ties into the main plot is Ralph using the buddy system for himself incase DeVoe ever goes after him like the other bus-metas. This is where most of the comedy comes from for the episode with Cisco ranting about Ralph’s messy apartment/office and way of living. The second side story was actually about Cecil’s mind reading abilities constantly going off as her and Joe — who’s mysterious absent in this episode — try to sleep, but just ends up reading Joe’s subconscious action movie like dreams. This leads her into getting help from Harry, who is still angry over Jesse abandoning and exiling him to Earth 1. While it may seem like a trivial side story, I wouldn’t be surprise if Cecil and Harry end up falling in love or something and making it a love triangle between them and Joe. Cause seriously their chemistry was… electric. See what I did there?

Sadly, due to the Fiddlers insistence in doing things alone, things don’t go as Team Flash had hope and DeVoe gets another new body and power for himself. So the episode ends on a gloomy state with a heartbroken Ralph mourning in his office over the Fiddler — who he develops a crush on as the episode goes on. But on the bright side, Barry gets a new job as Ralph’s partner investigator.

The Flash

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Subject 9 was a solid episode and move the season along just as well as True Colors did weeks back. My only grip is that DeVoe isn’t played by one actor at all this second half of the season compared to the first half of the season. So it gets increasingly harder to connect with the guest actor of the week playing DeVoe. However, I wouldn’t be surprised that by the final episodes we’ll have DeVoe inside the body of one of the members of Team Flash — most likely Ralph or Joe or Harry — it’ll lead to a much more solid connection that the audience can have with DeVoe’s character.